Could Obi-Wan Kenobi Visit Another Famous Tatooine Location?

Could Obi-Wan Kenobi Visit Another Famous Tatooine Location?
That's what you get for saying flying's for droids, old Ben. (Screenshot: Lucasfilm)

Ethan Hawke and Robert Eggers tease a… gaseous tone for The Northman. Denis Villeneuve offers an update on his Dune: Part Two script. Get new looks at Nope and the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. Plus, what’s coming on Raised by Wolves. Spoilers get!

Could Obi-Wan Kenobi Visit Another Famous Tatooine Location?

The Northman

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine (via /Film), Ethan Hawke and Robert Eggers compare The Northman to Apocalypse Now, only with more “burping and farting” Vikings.

It begins with squawking ravens; within minutes there are men crawling about on all fours like dogs, burping and farting.

And [The Northman] is reaching for so much. It’s like [Eggers] found an ancient Viking scroll in a cave off the coast of Norway or something. It’s an amazing text. I’ve often complained, ‘How come nobody even tries to make Apocalypse Now any more?’”

Dune: Part Two

In conversation with Collider, Denis Villeneuve revealed his script for Dune: Part Two is now “mostly” finished.

The screenplay is finished mostly, but it’s always a work in progress. It’ll be a work in progress until final cut, but I will say it’s solidified. I have a script in my hands. We are in prep right now.

The Munsters

Munsters director Rob Zombie has several new photos from the meticulously reconstructed interiors of 1313 Mockingbird Lane.


Bloody-Disgusting has two more cast photos from Jordan Peele’s Nope.

Photo: UniversalPhoto: Universal
Photo: UniversalPhoto: Universal

The Cellar

Elisha Cuthbert loses her daughter inside of a haunted basement in the trailer for The Cellar, coming to Shudder April 15.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars News Net reports that the series will feature the on-screen debut of the Tatooine city of Anchorhead, first mentioned in A New Hope, as a major transportation hub for the desert planet — and potentially the town that will let Obi-Wan get off world as he goes on his adventures.

Star Trek: Discovery

There’s big “This Is Fine” energy in photos from “Coming Home,” this week’s season finale. Head over to Spoiler TV for more.

Photo: Paramount+Photo: Paramount+
Photo: Paramount+Photo: Paramount+
Photo: Paramount+Photo: Paramount+

In the season four finale, the DMA approaches Earth and Ni’Var. With evacuations underway, Burnham and the team aboard the U.S.S. Discovery must find a way to communicate and connect with a species far different from their own before time runs out.

Written by: Michelle Paradise

Directed by: Olatunde Osunsanmi

Star Trek: Picard

Meanwhile, Jean-Luc travels to modern-day Los Angeles in the synopsis for “Assimilation,” this week’s episode of Picard. Directed by Lea Thompson!

Picard and the crew travel back to 2024 Los Angeles in search of the “Watcher,” who can help them identify the point at which time diverged. Seven, Raffi and Rios venture out into an unfamiliar world 400 years in their past, while Picard and Jurati attempt to gather information from an unlikely, and dangerous, ally.

Written by: Kirsten Beyer & Christopher Monfette

Directed by: Lea Thompson

[Spoiler TV]

Raised By Wolves

Spoiler TV also has photos from “Happiness,” this week’s episode of Raised By Wolves. More at the link.

Photo: HBO MaxPhoto: HBO Max
Photo: HBO MaxPhoto: HBO Max
Photo: HBO MaxPhoto: HBO Max

Fear the Walking Dead

Finally: Madison! Beach crabs!? Zombies on a roundabout!? A new trailer reveals what’s in store for the back-half of Fear the Walking Dead’s seventh season.

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