Burnham Takes Charge in This Exclusive Clip From Star Trek: Discovery’s Season Finale

Burnham Takes Charge in This Exclusive Clip From Star Trek: Discovery’s Season Finale
Michael puts on her game face. (Screenshot: Paramount)

Tomorrow, Star Trek: Discovery’s fourth season comes to a dramatic end, as Michael Burnham and her crew find themselves trying to salvage a first contact scenario with an all-powerful extragalactic species from certain doom. But if one thing’s become certain, it’s that Michael Burnham knows how to command a Bridge when the going’s tough — as this exclusive preview shows.

io9 is excited to reveal a new look at tomorrow’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Coming Home.” Set in the immediate aftermath of last week’s shocking reveal that rogue scientist Tarka had piggybacked off Michael and Federation President Rillak’s attempts to make peaceful communication with the mystery aliens known only as Species Ten-C, the clip sees a testy Michael well… ponder her orbs?

More specifically, the Ten-C’s orbs, the weird technological entities the species used to previously “acquire” Discovery and its crew when the ship approached their home beyond the galactic barrier. But that’s of course not Captain Burnham’s only problem. She has also Tarka to deal with, before his hostile attempts to destroy the Ten-C’s advanced mining anomaly threaten to turn First Contact into war; she has the threat of an increasingly angry alien species on her hand; and, of course, she has the president of the Federation and a ship full of ambassadors to safeguard.

Thank goodness she’s pretty good at taking a calm, but firm approach then, as we see wonderfully in this clip, as Michael rattles off order after order with both assuredness and a tiny little bit of panic. I mean, after all, the potential fallout of ticking off an incredibly advanced alien race that build planet-destroying anomalies for fun warrants a bit of panic. Will Michael and her team pull through and save the day? We hope so, because otherwise the recently confirmed fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery would be really depressing. But we’ll know for sure when “Coming Home,” the season four finale of Discovery, begins streaming on Paramount+ tomorrow, March 17.