Apple Reportedly Working on the Mac Studio, a Mid-Range Mac Computer

Apple Reportedly Working on the Mac Studio, a Mid-Range Mac Computer
Image: Apple

With an Apple event approaching this week, everyone has their rumours, predictions and expectations – but now we have a fresh one.

Originally reported by 9to5mac, the Mac Studio is supposedly a thing that Apple is set to release. We don’t know a whole lot about the Mac Studio, but we know a decent amount to, you know, justify telling you all about it now.

Mac Studio – Apple’s next computer?

According to the original report, the Mac Studio is known internally as J375 and currently features two versions – one with the M1 Max chip and the other with a more powerful, unnamed chip. 9to5mac added that Apple is still set to release another new Intel-based Mac Pro at some point.

The Mac Studio is expected to be aimed at professionals with a price and performance point somewhere between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. We’re uncertain of what the device will look like, whether it’ll look more like a flat square like the Mac Mini or a traditional desktop PC like the Mac Pro, but it might be reasonable to expect a midway size. The report indicated that it’s based on the Mac Mini, so the shape could be similar.

Funnily enough, 9to5mac’s reporting isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard about the mid-range Mac Studio (which, of course, might not even be the final name come official announcement).

Earlier this year, Mark Gurman (a reporter close to Apple’s pulse) reported that Apple is working on a smaller Mac Pro. 9to5mac reckons this is the same device and will replace the Intel-powered version of the Mac Mini which you can still buy today.

Gurman added with some last-minute Apple event predictions that the company could announce either a next-gen monitor for the iMac Pro or the smaller Mac Pro itself. A new Mac Mini, iPad Air and iPhone SE are also expected by Gurman.

On top of this, 9to5mac also reported that Apple will release a new display with a 7K resolution, dubbed the Apple Studio Display. Considering Gurman’s predictions, we may also see this at the Apple event on Wednesday.

How much will the Mac Studio cost?

Your guess is as good as ours. Considering the Mac Mini costs either $1,099, $1,399 and 1,699 and that the Mac Pro costs either $9,999 and $10,749, we expect the Mac Studio, as it is rumoured to be somewhere between the two devices, to be between $4,000 and $7,000 in Australia.

When will Apple release the Mac Studio?

We’re not sure. At the moment it’s tenuous whether or not Apple will reveal the Mac Studio and its accompanying monitor at its March 9 event, but there’s at least a decent chance we’ll see it later this year.