Sony’s Cinematic Spider-Verse Casts Dakota Johnson as Madame Web

Sony’s Cinematic Spider-Verse Casts Dakota Johnson as Madame Web
Photo: Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

It’s no surprise that after the massive, massive success of Spider-Man: No Way Home that Sony would want to fast-track other Spider-adjacent movies for its Spider-Man Universe. For reasons I cannot personally fathom, that seems like it’s going to be Madame Web, as Deadline reports that The Social Network and 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson is in talks for the titular role.

According to Marvel’s official bio, Madame Web is an elderly woman who “suffered from a lifetime of blindness and many years of neurological deterioration due to myasthenia gravis, she compensated with her profound psychic abilities, establishing herself as a medium.” An encounter with the Juggernaut “left Madame Web in a state of severe shock after he unknowingly removed her from her chair, which provided her vital life functions.” Then she was in a coma, then she died, and then she came back young and healthy… but now she’s old again? As always, comics, everybody.

As Madame Web has really played nothing but a support role for Spider-Man and other Spider-characters, making her the star of her own film is a truly bizarre decision — especially when known female Spider-heroes like Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman, Cindy Moon’s Silk, and Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Ghost are far more active protagonists.

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