Over 6.3 Million Aussie Households are Paying for High-Speed NBN

Over 6.3 Million Aussie Households are Paying for High-Speed NBN
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The ACCC has today published a report that tells us 58 per cent of residential NBN connections are on high-speed connections, which, when you understand there are almost 8.6 million residential broadband services now on the NBN, is a decent amount of people paying for fast internet.

The ACCC considers ‘high-speed’ to be NBN services of 50 Mbps and over. But while 58 per cent of us are paying for high speed, an additional 15 per cent of customers are on speeds of over 50 Mbps.

The total number of residential NBN connections on 50 Mbps or higher is over 6.3 million. There are just shy of 5 million of these addresses on 50 Mbps.

A lot of people joined up to high-speed services as a result of promotions, but as these promotions time out, many customers drop to lower tiers. This is mostly the case with very high-speed services.

In fact, the ACCC said the number of very high-speed services over 100 Mbps fell by about 108,000 services, or 24 per cent, in the four-month period spanning September to December. However, almost half of the households that took up very high-speed plans in 2021 remain on services above 100 Mbps, the ACCC says.

This info comes via the watchdog’s latest NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report.

NBN market share

Yesterday, Aussie Broadband revealed its NBN market share had increased by about 46,000 to hold 5.6 per cent of the market. But the latest ACCC report tells us Superloop also increased its share in the quarter to 1.7 per cent, and Vocus now boasts 7.3 per cent.

Telstra remains the incumbent, boasting a 44.1 per cent market share (even though this dropped a little from 44.3 per cent during the quarter). In second to Telstra, but still so far from the Big T is TPG, with 23.6 per cent. Optus sits in third with 14.1 per cent.

Wholesale market shares declined slightly over the quarter for Optus (14.5 to 14.1 per cent), Telstra (44.3 to 44.1 per cent) and TPG (23.9 to 23.6 per cent).