Edible NFTs? I’m Done

Edible NFTs? I’m Done
Image: Frank’s RedHot

One of the biggest complaints (I said one, I know there’s many) people have with NFTs is that they aren’t tangible, that is, you get something that sits somewhere in the internet but belongs to you. Well, this hot sauce guy would like to introduce you to ‘edible NFTs’.


Frank’s RedHot is a hot sauce company based in the U.S.. You can buy their gear from Woolies and look, it’s great hot sauce.

Last week, the company ‘unveiled’ the ‘first-ever edible NFT’. No, actually.

Alongside this edible NFT, they also released a spoof cryptocurrency ‘Bonecoin’ as a way (they say) of celebrating the Super Bowl LVI (because buffalo wings are the Big Game’s favourite snack, ‘Murica). But anyway you scan your wings and earn Bonecoins.

“Bonecoin. It’s got nothing to do with real money, and everything to do with taking pictures of bones of the wings you’ve recently devoured,” they say.

The fan who accrues the most Bonecoin will win the Frank’s RedHot NFT and its edible replica, the eNFT.

“Whoever earns the most Bonecoin by the end of the Big Game gets our first-ever edible NFT. But how do you make an NFT edible? How about you stop asking questions and start eating!,” Frank’s says.

I mean, that was fine, it existed as a ‘cute’ little promotion that absolutely did not need to be linked to the blockchain at all, in any way, Frank’s could have just gone with “Take pics of your chicken and you could win a thing”. And good on them for jumping on the craze that internet fiends are for some reason obsessed with. But…

Former quarterback Eli Manning overnight appeared on Today in the U.S. to chat about the promo (we think).


Imagine talking about NFTs on mainstream television a year ago. They were simpler times. I miss them.

The eNFT promotion is open to U.S. residents only, which I know you’re so bummed about.

Anyway, as you were.