Grill’d Has Created a Bruce Wayne Burger, but Would the Billionaire Ever Eat It?

Grill’d Has Created a Bruce Wayne Burger, but Would the Billionaire Ever Eat It?
Batman Volume 3 #16. Image: DC

In the lead up to The Batman batswinging into battheatres, Grill’d is now serving up the Bruce Wayne burger.

We hear it tastes like justice and vengeance.

“The ‘Bruce Wayne Burger’ is rich and sophisticated – just like Bruce himself – and is built with a grass-fed Australian beef patty, brie cheese, Spanish onion, Hawthorn hot sauce and double truffle mayo,” Grill’d says.

“It’s perfect when you’ve got a superhero-sized appetite.”

I’m gonna be honest with you here, I don’t think Matt Reeves’ Bruce Wayne (played by Robert Pattinson) is a burger guy. If he were to eat a burger, I can imagine him eating burgers with a knife and fork, neatly slicing it into mouth-sized portions. Then again…..

What would Bruce Wayne eat? A fine four-cheese Gnocchi, I imagine, or maybe a fine cut of beef.

Hear me out on this one though, can we assume that the ‘Bruce Wayne Burger’ exists in Matt Reeves’ Batman universe, similar to how the BTS meal existed at McDonald’s last year? Maybe. Perhaps it’s a signature meal in Gotham City.

Actually, screw it, I’m going full superhero nerd on this. In one of the Batman comic runs, citizens of Gotham City could go to a Batman-themed burger joint called Bat Burger. Supersizing your fries was referred to as “Jokerizing” your fries. It originally appeared in the Batman TV show in the 1960s but reappeared in Batman (Volume 3) #16 in 2017.

Canonically, Bruce Wayne did have Bat Burgers at Bat Burger. Yes, the signature item is called the Bat Burger.

batman bruce wayne burger
Image: Grill’d

Anyway, back to the real world, the Bruce Wayne Burger isn’t a superfood. Please don’t assume it will transform you into Batman. It also isn’t exclusive to billionaires, priced at $15.90.

“The ‘Bruce Wayne Burger’ is the most decadent burger on the menu so swoop into our restaurants before it disappears,” says Ben Goss, the chief marketing officer of Grill’d.

You can order the Bruce Wayne Burger from Grill’d from February 22 and you can see The Batman in cinemas from March 3.

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