You’ve Never Seen Star Wars Figures Like This

You’ve Never Seen Star Wars Figures Like This

It’s no secret that we here on Gizmodo love Hasbro’s Black Series of Star Wars toys. We write about them every chance we can, often in serious news breaking fashion, other times with heartfelt yearning, and even sometimes with silly adoration. Basically, if we can cover these 6-inch beauties, we will.

So when an artist who goes by Killcutter showed us his incredible art using Black Series figures, well, we had to share it with you.

“If I was to describe my work, I’d say it’s a blend of practical and digital effects, just like they do in the movies…except with toys,” Chuck Eiler aka Killcutter, told Gizmodo over email. The Chicago, IL resident is a creative director in corporate marketing and when the pandemic hit, he decided to kill some time blending a few of his favourite things: photography, photoshop, and Star Wars toys. “As a kid in the 80’s I loved all things action figures, but none more than Star Wars,” he said. “I had all the toys and playsets and spent countless hours playing in the backyard creating worlds and having it fuel my creativity. I truly believe that that creativity helped fuel my career path.”

We have to say, it was a very smart decision. For more of Killcutter’s work, you can visit his Instagram, watch process videos on YouTube, or click through on this slide show. Most of the photos, several of which mash-up different well-known sci-fi titles with Star Wars, are self-explanatory.

Fallen Apprentice

Oh so that’s what the bottom of that Naboo hole looked like.

Battle at Hoth

Yes, the Empire won this one.

Exit Strategy

That The Rise of Skywalker didn’t have more Zorii Bliss was a shame.

Last Stand

Godspeed, soldiers.

Jedi’s Test

Luke’s about to rock those diagonas.

Master at Arms

Kit Fisto just cutting creatures.

Parasite Infestation

Darth Vader goes Ellen Ripley on some Facehuggers.

Price of Victory

The effects on this just make it look like a war photo.


Sorry T-Rex, you’re about to get sabered.

Simple Man

Boba, you’ve gone too far if you’re shooting at the Falcon.

The Chosen One

Anakin does his best Neo impression.

War of the Bounty Hunters

King Boba stands ontop of all the other bounty hunters.

Asset Reacquired

Jawas having fun as they do.