Updates From The Batman, and Beyond

Updates From The Batman, and Beyond
Bruce Wayne's in for a bumpy ride. (Screenshot: Warner Bros.)

Good Omens’ second season has lost some divine voices. Showtime’s Let the Right One In adaptation starts growing its cast. Get a dark look at what’s coming in Raised by Wolves season two. Plus, what’s next for Kung Fu, Legends of Tomorrow, and more. To me, my spoilers!

Halloween Ends

Original Michael Myers’ actor, Nick Castle, confirmed he’ll have yet another “fun” cameo in Halloween Ends.


Deadline also reports Flying Lotus (Kuso) is attached to direct Ash, a new sci-fi/horror film in which “a woman wakes up on a distant planet and finds the crew of her space station viciously killed, her investigation into what happened, setting in motion a terrifying chain of events.”

The Batman

The Riddler continues pushing Batman’s buttons in the latest TV spot.

Relatedly, Bloody-Disgusting has a new poster.

Photo: Warner Bros.Photo: Warner Bros.

The Long Walk

A scavenger from the future asks a time-travelling ghost for help in the trailer for The Long Walk, a new sci-fi/horror film from Laos.

Let the Right One In

According to Deadline, Nick Stahl has joined the cast of Let the Right One In as Matthew, “a former soldier and fiercely loyal fixer for the Logan family, whose clean-cut, mild-mannered exterior belies a savagery beneath.”

Good Omens

Yahoo! Entertainment reports that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Francis McDormand will not be back for the second season of Good Omens to reprise their roles as Satan and God, respectively.

Ms. Marvel

In a recent Instagram story captured by Comic Book, director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy confirmed reshoots are currently underway on the Ms. Marvel TV series at Disney+. Click through to have a look.

Raised By Wolves

Spoiler TV has photos from the second season premiere of Raised By Wolves. More at the link.

Photo: HBO MaxPhoto: HBO Max
Photo: HBO MaxPhoto: HBO Max
Photo: HBO MaxPhoto: HBO Max

Kung Fu

The CW has a new trailer for the second season of Kung Fu premiering March 9.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends battle their evil robot doppelgängers in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Rage Against the Machine”.


Finally, Marquis pays a visit to Arkham Asylum in the trailer for next week’s episode of Batwoman, “Broken Toys”.

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