This Hybrid “Defense” Vehicle Will Silently Protect U.S. “Freedom”

This Hybrid “Defense” Vehicle Will Silently Protect U.S. “Freedom”

Are you a large U.S. military force that’s looking for a greener way to promote “democracy” and “freedom” across the globe? Well, Oshkosh Defence has just the truck for you!

The company just unveiled its first-ever hybrid-electric vehicle. It’s a modified version of their Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, called the eJLTV, and knife guys are going to love it.

Yes, that is the real unveiling photo for it and not the poster for an apocalyptic hellscape-type movie. You can see the full thing just below:

Image: Oshkosh Defence

Just like every other manufacturer, Oshkosh Defence is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. In this case, we have a company looking to tackle the environmental concerns of undertaking military reconnaissance and combat in a large vehicle, because the military has solved every other one of its myriad problems.

The eJLTV’s lithium-ion battery can be changed in just 30 minutes while the vehicle is in use. That’s probably good considering there will be a limited charging infrastructure wherever this thing goes. According to Oshkosh Defence, it’s also about 20 per cent more fuel efficient than traditional military vehicles, and it has a 30kWh battery — however there is room for bigger batteries in the future.

“For many years, we’ve been developing, testing and evolving hybrid-electric variants of our heavy and medium-duty tactical wheeled vehicles,” John Bryant, Executive Vice President for Oshkosh Corporation and President of Oshkosh Defence, said. “Now, with the eJLTV, we’re offering our military customers an affordable way to electrify their light tactical wheeled vehicle fleet without compromising the off-road performance or superior protection necessary in combat operations.”

You can be sure that the eJLTV is going to cost you and me — the American taxpayer — a pretty penny. But, hey, that’s the price we pay for greener murder, right?

The U.S. military has a contract with Oshkosh Defence, and the JLTV program runs through 2032 and costs a cool $US6.5 ($9) billion. However, there’s no word on exactly how many of those vehicles will be the hybrid variant.

This vehicle is — of course — laced with irony. The chief reason why? It’s a hybrid-electric vehicle that will mostly be used in this country’s hunt for more oil around the world. But hey, I guess they never even heard us coming.