The Peugeot Rifter Adds A Cot And Downsizes The Vanlife

The Peugeot Rifter Adds A Cot And Downsizes The Vanlife

The Peugeot Rifter is the kind of small multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that we seldom see in the States now. Peugeot Japan partnered with an aftermarket company, RV Land Concept, to make a cool little cot that not only doubles as a shelf, but will also leave the backseat open for passengers to use. That means you can bring up to five people on an outing and still have a place to crash comfortably.

The cot is called the agré bed kit, and Peugeot says it’s now going to be either an aftermarket or dealer option, so it can be fitted by the carmaker itself. The agré bed kit will cost ¥250,800 or around A$3,158, and will take about six weeks to fabricate and fit.

Drivers can match their bed kit to their interior, so all in all, the wait time and price seems reasonable. It can even be used as a table!

The bed kit sleeps two adults, according to Peugeot. It’s fitted to the cargo area of the Rifter, and extends to the front seats once drivers tilt the backseats flat. When it’s time to drive in or out of the campsite, the backseats come back up and the bed’s flat sections are turned into a shelf, of sorts. And there’s room for luggage, too.

The bed is 71 by 47 inches, or roughly between a twin and full size bed — albeit shorter than both. But it sure beats crashing in a tent. Especially for those that use a sleeping bag, sans mat. I did that for a while, and it sucked!

The agré is a clever way to make the most of the Rifter’s space, and it makes me miss cars like the Mazda MPV, which was larger than the Peugeot I suppose.

I also think it’s charming that there’s a Japanese aftermarket “RV” outfitter that makes stuff for the Berlingo, Hiace and Wrangler. After all, they are recreational vehicles, and it’s refreshing that an RV doesn’t have to be one of those huge (expensive) vehicles we call RVs in the U.S.

You don’t need an RV that big to have an adventure. Hell, you don’t even need something that we would consider an average or full sized van. All you need is a Peugeot Rifter, and an agré bed kit.