Count Down the End of 2021 With the Toys You’ll Want in 2022

Count Down the End of 2021 With the Toys You’ll Want in 2022
Image: Kaiyodo, Hot Toys, and Sentinel

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of all the cool toys we’ve found on the internet lately. This week we’re looking forward to 2022, mostly because there’s only a few more hours of 2021 left, making it very hard to release new toys this year. Check out what’s to come!

Hot Toys Marvel’s Eternals Thena Sixth-Scale Figure

Thena, Angelina Jolie’s memory-addled warrior of war from Eternals, is joining Hot Toys’ Marvel movie lineup! Befitting her status as a master of martial weaponry, the 1:6 scale figure comes with a bevy of hands suitable to hold Thena’s magical constructs, which includes a spear, an axe, a dagger, a long sword and short sword, and a shield. She’s expected to release sometime in late 2022 or early 2023, and will cost $US270 ($371). [Hot Toys]

Image: Kaiyodo Image: Kaiyodo

Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi New 52 Superman

The Amazing Yamaguchi line returns to the DC universe, this time for a more modern riff on Superman, bringing its overexaggerated aesthetic to the New 52 era look for the Man of Tomorrow. Clark comes with a few extra accessories, including the usual, alternate hands for posing and fighting, as well as five heads in all: four of them have Clark’s eyes pointing in each of the cardinal directions for more dynamic posing, while fifth has them glowing red as he prepares to ignite his heat vision. No details on either the price or release window have been made available yet. [Toyark]

Image: Medicom Image: Medicom

Medicom MAFEX X-Factor Cyclops

Medicom’s line of MAFEX X-Men figures are some of the best X-Toys around, and while their take on the iconic ‘90s Jim Lee blue-and-yellow suit for Scott Summers has been out a while, now it’s time for one of old Slim’s other iconic ‘90s looks: the ice-blue-and-white X-Factor suit. Aside from the new look, this Scott comes with alternate hands, three swappable heads — one with his visor on and smiling, another with the visor on and scowling, and a third with no visor and just his classic red specs. As well as a detachable cowl piece to hand around his neck, Scott has two different eye blast effects pieces to attach to his visor. He’ll cost around $US105 ($144), and is set to release in October 2022. [Medicom]

Image: Hot Toys Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys The Book of Boba Fett Fennec Shand Sixth-Scale Figure

The reborn Boba Fett already has his Hot Toys figures on the way thanks to The Mandalorian, but now Fennec is ready to join him, as revealed by Hot Toys to celebrate the premiere of The Book of Boba Fett. Fennec comes with a bottle of blue alcohol to swig when she’s not using either her included blaster pistol, blaster rifle, or hidden throwing knife concealed in the butt of her rifle to take someone down, as well as a bag of credits and a removeable helmet. She also has quite a fun special feature — you can pull away a strip of her torso armour to reveal the cybernetic insides she has after being left for dead in The Mandalorian’s first season. Fennec will cost $US270 ($371), and is expected to release sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. [Hot Toys]

Image: Sentinel Image: Sentinel

Sentinel Fighting Armour Black Panther

Sentinel’s line of Iron-Man-inspired armoured Marvel heroes heads to Wakanda with its mechanical take on the Black Panther. As well as featuring a power-suit riff on T’Challa’s panther suit (and some mean claws), the 6″ figure includes a few interchangeable hands, a stand to pose him leaping into the air, and even a vibranium spear if punching or clawing people to bits wasn’t enough for your action figure bloodlust. He’s due for release in Japan in July 2022, and is set to cost around $US85 ($117). [Toyark]

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Editor’s Note: Release dates within this article are based in the U.S., but will be updated with local Australian dates as soon as we know more.