Tinder Is the New Myspace With Auto-Playing Profile ‘Anthems’

Tinder Is the New Myspace With Auto-Playing Profile ‘Anthems’
Image: Tinder

Tinder on Friday announced it was bringing music to its dating app in a new way – allowing users to ‘vibe out’ to their suitor’s favourite songs. I might be showing my age here, but this is exactly what went down in the mid-to-late 2000s on Myspace.

Basically, Tinder Music Mode is another superficial (albeit important) thing to judge someone on.

“Soon, Tinder members can vibe out to their potential matches’ favourite songs du jour with the launch of Music Mode, the newest immersive experience available in Explore,” Tinder says.

“Through an integration with Spotify, Music Mode automatically plays members’ chosen Anthems – that one song that defines them inside and out – right from their profiles.”

The feature will only be available to Tinder users who link their Spotify accounts and add an Anthem to their Tinder profiles. Spotify Anthems were already a thing, but being able to have it played is what’s new.

“About 40 per cent of all Gen Z members globally have already added Anthems to their profiles and when they do, they see a nearly 10 per cent increase in matches,” Tinder reckons.

I’m by no means making fun of  Tinder for Music Mode. Music taste being similar is actually one of the most important things I look for in a partner. But there’s a need to remember this is what a lot of us former Scene Kids shaped (read: heavily curated) our Myspace profiles to do. (Yes, many people did use it as a sort-of online dating app).

Just maybe make sure you’ve got headphones on before Ginuwine’s Pony or Cardi B’s WAP plays on the train (’cause that’s what a lot of Aussie men in their late 20s use, no joke). Stay safe out there.