What to Watch on Stan These Holidays

What to Watch on Stan These Holidays
Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo

Merry Christmas! These holidays will likely be spent indoors by lots of people, which means plenty of time for streaming on Stan.

We’ve been doing streaming guides for the Christmas period, with guides written up for Netflix, Binge, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, but today we’ll be doing Stan.

There are plenty of things to watch on Stan during the 2021 holidays, so here’s what we reckon you should watch.


Bump is an Australian TV show about a teenaged girl in Year 11 of high school who has a baby. It’s a drama exploring the dynamics of unplanned parenthood, new relatives and unintended consequences.

It’s a touching TV show about middle-class Aussies and its second season will be out on Boxing Day. It’s totally worth watching if you’re after a light Australian drama.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

A classic addition to the Stan library, RuPaul’s Drag Race puts drag queens against each other in a reality TV show hosted by RuPaul herself. It has been given several spinoffs, including UK Drag Race, All-Stars (featuring the most loved queens from previous seasons) and Drag Race Down Under.

It’s a terrific show if you want to see some charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, which this show and its queens have in droves.

The Great

With two seasons out (including one released earlier this year), The Great is a terrific show to watch if you’re after a time period comedy drama. Focusing on Catherine the Great in 18th Century Russia, the show puts a comedic spin on the Russian monarch and her history. It’s one of the highlights of the Stan library.

Top Gear

Featuring a selection of seasons, including seasons 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 (along with several specials) Top Gear is the show to watch if you’re a car nut. Though the hosts have changed across the years, the stars are all the same – exciting cars going fast and doing crazy things.


Last but absolutely not least, you can find the first three seasons of Fargo on Stan. Based on the beats of the 1996 movie (also on Stan), Fargo is a crime drama with some dark comedy elements sprinkled in, with each season focusing on a different case with different actors. It’s totally worth your time if you’re a crime-drama lover.

Other shows worth streaming on Stan these holidays

We tried to keep this list as condensed as possible, but there are other shows well worth your time on Stan these holidays. Both versions of The Office, Yellowstone, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist can all be found on Stan, so get streaming. Merry Christmas!