Rick and Morty Ventures to ‘Arrickis’ in a Trio of Comic Book Spoofs

Rick and Morty Ventures to ‘Arrickis’ in a Trio of Comic Book Spoofs
The spice must flow, Morty! (Image: Oni Press/Sarah Stern)

The spice must flow, Morty, for he is Padishah Rick now.

Before Rick and Morty returns to TV screens sometime next year, fans looking for a fix of multiversal shenanigans will get not one, but three cinematic spoofs in comic book form courtesy of Oni Press. Each one shot in the Rick & Morty Presents series will have a different creative team, and each will tackle a different sci-fi movie homage, kicking off with Hericktics of Rick by writers Amy Chu and Alexander Chang, artist Sarah Stern, and letterer crank!, which is… well, it’s literally just Dune.

Image: Oni Press/Sarah SternImage: Oni Press/Sarah Stern

The comic will see Rick uncover a highly valuable, perhaps spicy, mysterious substance on the planet “Arrickis,” only to find himself and Morty embroiled in the world’s politics, dire religious prophecies, and conflicts with its native societies. Expect at least one gross-out sandworm joke, surely. Joining Hericktics of Rick will be two more parodies inspired by Logan’s Run and Star Wars. The first, from Ivan Cohen, Puste, and Leonardo Ito, with the returning crank! on letters, is called Morty’s Run, and sees the young boy faced with the nightmare of having to go to summer camp. After turning to Rick for help getting out of it, he finds himself instead on the run on an alien world ruled by four-eyed 13-year-olds.

Image: Oni Press/PusteImage: Oni Press/Puste

After Rick and Morty Presents finishes, the parodies continue with four-part miniseries Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour. Coming from Mags Visaggio and Marc Ellerby, as well as Ito and crank! returning on colours and letters respectively, Infinity Hour is perhaps the loosest riff of them all, a Star Wars-esque sci-fi spectacle in which a younger Rick finds himself thrust into potential greatness when he is recruited by an interstellar rebellion aiming to bring down the sinister forces of the Galactic Federation.

Image: Oni Press/Marc EllerbyImage: Oni Press/Marc Ellerby

Hericktics of Rick will launch on January 26, 2022, while Morty’s Run and Infinity Hour will follow a few months later on March 2.

Editor’s Note: Release dates within this article are based in the U.S., but will be updated with local Australian dates as soon as we know more.