Keep Your Holidays Bright With Huge Savings on EcoFlow’s Portable Power Stations

Keep Your Holidays Bright With Huge Savings on EcoFlow’s Portable Power Stations
Image: EcoFlow

Now more than ever it’s crucial to have access to power when and where you need it. EcoFlow has got you covered, with an array of convenient, powerful, and fast-charging portable power stations on sale for Christmas, with savings in the hundreds. Whether you’re trekking off grid into the great outdoors, or just anticipating blackouts on account of ageing infrastructure, a portable power station can be an essential tool for staying connected.

Traditional gas-powered generators are dangerous, noisy, and polluting. Kickstarter breakout EcoFlow’s portable power stations, on the other hand, are safe, quiet, and lightweight, charging quickly from the wall, car, or even solar panels, included in the larger bundles. Give yourself the gift of power this year by taking advantage of these great deals on EcoFlow’s forward-looking products.

EcoFlow RIVER mini

Image: EcoFlowImage: EcoFlow

The smallest offering in EcoFlow’s arsenal, the RIVER mini brings 210Wh of power literally anywhere that you need it, because it weighs less than 3 kg. Toss it in your backpack and charge up to six devices at once with up to 300W output, making it perfect for topping off all of your devices on a day trip and ensuring you’re never without power. That gives it a much larger capacity than any typical power bank, but much lighter than any other power stations, putting it in a perfect sweet spot between them.

EcoFlow’s RIVER line is their selection of power stations designed with portability in mind, and so most of them have a handle on top, but the RIVER mini is so small that it doesn’t even need it — you can just grab it and go.

EcoFlow DELTA mini

Image: EcoFlowImage: EcoFlow

Stepping up into EcoFlow’s primary line of products, the DELTA mini is a (still very portable) upgrade from the RIVER mini for when you need more serious power on the go. It’s generous 882Wh capacity is perfect for a camping weekend, keeping your gear charged at offsite work, or keeping your essentials covered during an outage. It supports up to 12 devices and 1400W at once through the full array of wall, car, and USB outlets.

For all that capacity, the DELTA mini will charge back up to 80% in just one hour, and to full in 96 minutes, due to EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream charging technology. It can also draw up to 300W from solar panels, recharging completely in 3 to 6 hours, completely green and off the grid. Fully charged it has a shelf life of one year, so you can rest easy knowing that you have a secure backup supply of power on the go.


Image: EcoFlowImage: EcoFlow

The EcoFlow DELTA is their flagship power station, serving as a reliable household backup solution for all seasons, or just an extremely strong and portable power source for any need you can think of. It holds a generous 1260Wh and has 2.43 ha wall outlets, along with an array of other ports, supporting 13 devices simultaneously. Moreover, due to X-Stream it charges up to full from the wall in just 1.6 hours, an order of magnitude faster than most competing power stations.

Putting out 1800W(3300W surge), that means that the EcoFlow DELTA can charge most large household appliances and power tools, from refrigerators to table saws, in addition to any and all of your personal electronics. Like all of EcoFlow’s power stations, the travel-friendly DELTA (just 14 kg with convenient handles) is capable of charging from the car or solar panels while on the go as well, making it a true all-purpose power supply.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

Image: EcoFlowImage: EcoFlow

For maximum peace of mind when it comes to ensuring a steady supply of power to your home, the EcoFlow DELTA Max is what you want. Its base 2kWh capacity can be expanded with additional DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries, bringing it up to an enormous 6kWh. That should satisfy the survivalist in you, and keep your essential appliances and lights on for hours when the grid lets you down.

Even once you’ve gone through that extensive battery supply, like all of EcoFlow’s products the DELTA Max quickly and safely charges back to 80% in just 65 minutes on AC. Thanks to EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, it can power nearly anything you can throw at it up to 3400W, making it viable as both a home emergency power source or for powering an off-grid worksite with some heavy-duty equipment.

EcoFlow DELTA Bundle

Image: EcoFlowImage: EcoFlow

If you want to be truly self-sustaining, the EcoFlow DELTA Bundle starts with the flagship DELTA power station and adds two 110W solar panels so you can go fully green. Fill up the DELTA’s generous 1260Wh capacity, supporting 13 devices with six AC wall outlets and a variety of ports, all through the endless and free power of the sun.

The 110W solar panels are rated for a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%, together fully charging the DELTA in 7-14 hours, depending on strength and consistency of sunlight. They are waterproof for safety and come with a convenient carrying case, making them perfect to take with you anywhere. The included kickstand allows for 180 degrees of motion so you can find just the right angle to maximise their efficacy.

EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600) Bundle

Image: EcoFlowImage: EcoFlow

Finally, go truly off the grid with the EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600) Bundle, including the expandable 1600Wh variant of the DELTA Max power station and four 110W solar panels, which can fully charge the DELTA Max (1600) in 4.5 to 9 hours on their own. This lets you take advantage of the DELTA Max (1600)’s dual charging feature drawing power from both AC and solar to recharge even faster, up to 2400W.

The DELTA Max (1600) Bundle is the perfect foundation for a small, off-grid power supply, like a woodworking shed where you can’t get power, or if you’d just rather stay green. The bundle comes with everything you need to transport and wire your four panels together in parallel. The included 110W panels only meet a little more than half of the DELTA Max (1600)’s 800W solar capacity as well, leaving the possibility for future expansions if you want to go all-in on solar.