It Is Once Again Time For Spotify Wrapped

It Is Once Again Time For Spotify Wrapped
Photo: Spotify

It’s December 1st, and you know what that means: Spotify Wrapped is here to deliver its annual year-in-music-review, and the deluge of social media shares from friends being roasted by the app for their listening proclivities is nigh.

With Wrapped, Spotify rolls up listeners’ go-to artists, songs, and podcasts from the previous year into a tidy December slideshow. The key takeaway from the roundup usually ends up being that you’re much, much more depressed and predictable than you previously realised, which usually induces a kind of existentialist panic that drives people to “ironically” share their results on Twitter and Instagram.

For the 2021 edition of Wrapped, Spotify has rolled up all of the usual categories we’ve come to expect in its stories-style card format, including Your Top Songs and Your Artists Revealed, as well as service-wide lists for the Top Tracks and Top Artists.

There are also a couple of new features designed to spice up and personalise your listening experience: This year, for the first time, users can pretend they’re the main character with their bespoke “2021: The Movie” soundtrack, which assigns some of their favourite songs to cliche movie moments like “confessing your love in the rain” and “training montage.” Also new to the 2021 offering is “Your Audio Aura,” a card that pairs two adjectives (like “wistful,” “bold,” and “euphoric”) with their listening preferences.

While users have always had the option to share their results on apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook — indeed, this feature very much exists in the first place to be shared widely on social media — this year, Spotify users also have the option to share their Wrapped results on TikTok for the first time.

Along with its Wrapped release, Spotify also divulged the top artist on the platform globally for 2021, which was Bad Bunny for the third year running with over 9.1 billion streams. The top spot for global song and album both belong to Olivia Rodrigo, with her hit single “drivers licence” and the album accompanying it, SOUR, taking those titles respectively.

Spotify’s 2021 edition of Wrapped isn’t available on desktop, but you can find it in the iOS and Android apps. Go forth and discover that you’ve listened to way more Taylor Swift than you ever could have anticipated, yet again.