Giphy’s Top GIFs for 2021 Prove We Were All Really Bored and Exhausted

Giphy’s Top GIFs for 2021 Prove We Were All Really Bored and Exhausted
Image: NBC Universal

2021 was a year that tested the patience of many. In Australia, a lot of us were sent back inside for another few months of lockdowns and the boredom, exhaustion and loneliness seems to have been widespread. At least that’s what Giphy’s most used GIFs of 2021 tell us.

Every year, Giphy releases a year in review of our GIF habits.

Coming in first place for 2021 was Stanley Hudson from the U.S. version of The Office. His dead-pan stare that oozes complete and utter boredom is the GIF-t that keeps on giving.

Peacock TV via Giphy

I’ve ruined number one, so let’s see the rest in ascending order (kind of like a reverse climax). Coming in second to Mr Hudson is a moment from the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry. This time expressing exhaustion. There’s a theme here, folks.

HBO Max via Giphy

In third place is one from a not-so-relatable-for-Aussies source, but the mood is relatable. Giphy said this GIF from The Great British Bake Off surfaces in popular searches ranging from “shocked” to “wow” to “mistake”. Hah.

Great British Bake Off via Giphy

Sad Pikachu made fourth. This heartbreaking little GIF was the most used in 2021 from searches for “sad”. Giphy said moods like “sad” always rank high, so it makes sense that we chose Pikachu.

Pokémon via Giphy

“Agnes Harkness Winking” became a fan favourite meme in 2021, and Giphy said it was fully expecting to see it on this list. This GIF came in fifth spot for the most used GIFs in 2021.

Disney+ via Giphy

In sixth spot was Peppa the Pig but because of the search phrase “Happy Birthday”.

Discovery LA via Giphy

Remember the Super Bowl? Yeah that was this year. We cared a lot for the Weeknd’s “stressed” aesthetic. This GIF from his Super Bowl LV halftime show came in seventh for 2021.

NFL via Giphy

Netflix made an appearance in eighth spot with a GIF from Bridgerton.

Netflix via Giphy

Although “sad”, “stressed” and “bored” were searched a tonne, some of us were still “happy”. In ninth spot is this GIF portrayal of what happiness is.

Foodieg via Giphy

And in 10th spot, we’ve got Baby Yoda. This GIF of Baby Yoda is perfect for expressing excitement for anything that brings you joy.

Disney via Giphy

This is the 2022 energy we need from Grogu.