This Human-like Robot Will Let You Know When It’s Annoyed

This Human-like Robot Will Let You Know When It’s Annoyed
Image: Engineered Arts

In a video that is not at all terrifying, absolutely in no way terrifying, we see a robot that looks too real for my liking engaging in near-perfect human behaviour.

This video, shared around the internet this week, shows a life-like android pushing a human’s finger away from its face.

Basically, the robot has the ability to feel ‘annoyed’. The robot is pushing the engineer’s finger away from its face because, frankly, the engineer is invading the robot’s personal space.

Obviously if someone’s finger was inching towards my face, I would 100 per cent push them away, but this is a robot and I’m not sure it has personal space.

Britain-based tech company Engineered Arts are behind this human-like robot they’ve called Ameca. They’re due to unveil more of this insane tech at CES next week.

“Multiply the power of artificial Intelligence with an artificial body. Ameca is the physical presence that brings your code to life. The most advanced lifelike humanoid you can use to develop and show off your greatest machine learning interactions. This robot is the digital interface to the real world,” Engineered Arts says.

Basically, the company is touting Ameca as not just a development tool, but “a cutting-edge integration of the latest technology that’s built to last”. Ameca, they add, is the “world’s most advanced human shaped robot representing the forefront of human-robotics technology”.

Here’s Ameca doing some more super-real stuff. Yikes.

Last month, Engineered Arts worked with gallerist Aidan Meller to create Ai-Da, a highly realistic, AI-driven robot firmly rooted in the uncanny valley that can paint, draw, sculpt, and, yes, write its own poetry.

But it isn’t just Ameca and Ai-Da, Engineered Arts also has Mesmer, which “has found a way to mirror you”; Quinn, a “customer experience assistant”; RoboThespian, “the finest actor around and the most charming of robots”; and the ability to use the company’s robot base to build your own.

Everything is fine.