Your Spooky Doctor Who Premiere Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Here

Your Spooky Doctor Who Premiere Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Here
Something's definitely strange in this neighbourhood... (Image: BBC)

It’s been a long almost 11 months since we last had The Doctor and friends on our screens, but at last, she’s back! And things are looking a bit different this time around, as the end draws near for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. Come talk about the first episode of Doctor Who season 13, Flux, and let us know what you thought of a suitably apocalyptic Halloween!

When does Doctor Who: Flux air?

The first episode of Doctor Who season 13, aka Flux, airs Monday at 7:30 pm on ABC TV or streams from 6:20 am AEDT on ABC iView in Australia.

“The Halloween Apocalypse” is a few firsts for the show, in that it’s both technically the closest Doctor Who has ever had to a literal Halloween special — sci-fi spooks are the usual in Who, sure, but having a “festive” episode not set around the traditional Christmas period is a welcome change. But it’s also the start of an experiment modern Doctor Who hasn’t really explored before, and its classic counterpart only occasionally flirted with in arcs like the “Key to Time” and “Trial of a Time Lord”: an entire series dedicated to telling a connected overarching tale in six parts. This time, aside from a few familiar faces coming along the way, our big mystery is just what the deal is with the titular “Flux”, and what does it want with all of time and space?

Of course, “The Halloween Apocalypse” will do more than just kick off the new season and introduce this latest threat for the 13th Doctor and Yaz to face. It gave us a new friend in the form of John Bishop’s Dan, a hapless Liverpudlian caught up in the Doctor’s latest adventure and now on board for the ride across time and space in the fight to stop the Flux from destroying the universe. What did you think of our new companion? What do you think is actually up with the Flux? Are you enjoying what Doctor Who is trying to experiment with coming into the final days of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall’s time on the show? Let us know what you thought of “The Halloween Apocalypse” — and stay tuned for our full recap of the episode tomorrow!