Uber’s New Safety Feature Uses Sound Waves to Confirm Your Ride

Uber’s New Safety Feature Uses Sound Waves to Confirm Your Ride
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Uber has introduced a new safety feature in Melbourne, one that uses sound wave technology as a way of confirming you’ve jumped into the right car.

The new ‘pre-ride safety feature’, Uber says, uses sound wave technology to ensure riders are getting into the correct vehicle before the ride can start – it says the feature is about giving an “extra peace of mind before you start your ride”.

Wireless verification is an additional layer to the existing PIN code feature that launched over a year ago. However, instead of verbally providing the driver partner with the PIN in order to start the trip in the app, this feature automatically transmits a rider’s PIN directly to driver’s phone through sound waves to verify the ride.

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How can I get Uber’s sound wave tech feature to work?

  • Firstly, you’ll need to ensure you’ve opted in to PIN verification. This can be done by heading to Settings in the Uber app, scrolling down to safety and then selecting ‘Verify your trip’.
  • As your ride approaches and pulls to a stop, stand within two metres of the car and once your driver puts their window down, wait for the sound waves to transmit with your driver’s device. (For this feature to work and the sound waves to transmit, Uber says you need to ensure your phone isn’t plugged into headphones or earjacks, or you’re not on a call).
  • Once the wireless PIN is verified, Uber says you can hop in the car and get buckled in.

The sound wave tech will launch in Victoria first, with Uber saying it plans on rolling it out nationally in the following months.