Dust off Your Cosplay Gear, Oz Comic-Con is Back

Dust off Your Cosplay Gear, Oz Comic-Con is Back
Image: Oz Comic-Con

Ah, 2021. The year a lot of Australians spent in lockdown, hidden away from human contact for weeks (and for many, months). But the team behind Oz Comic-Con Homegrown want you to see them as beacon (just like the Bat-Signal over Gotham City) of hope, with IRL events scheduled to take place next month.

The crew are kicking things off in Sydney, with Oz Comic-Con Homegrown set to take place next month. Here’s everything you should know.

What is Oz Comic-Con Homegrown?

The crew behind Oz Comic-Con said they’ve labelled this years’ event as ‘Homegrown’ as a way of showing the focus will be more local. This means it will mostly display talent, exhibitors, artists and content from within the host state, but also the rest of Australia.

“We want to avoid the disappointment of last-minute cancellations due to potential border restrictions and will be focused on bringing you Film & TV guests who are state based for each of the Oz Comic-Con Homegrown events,” they say, which makes perfect sense.

When is Oz Comic-Con Homegrown?

December 4 and 5 at Sydney Showground. It will be the first in-person expo back at the Showgrounds since the lockdown, too.

Following on from the Sydney event, Oz Comic-Con hopes to take Homegrown on a bit of a tour. Next stop is Melbourne on December 11 and 12 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, then Adelaide at the Adelaide Showgrounds next year on February 19 and 20, before finishing up in Brisbane on March 26 and 27 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

So who is expected to appear?

This whole Homegrown thing will obviously mean the guests are more local. You can still expect virtual appearances, but the point is to make the most of talent from each state. There’s a few confirmed appearances for the Sydney Oz Comic-Con Homegrown event, here’s who we get to meet:

Film & TV:

  • Dan Ewing, who was Operator Series Black in Disney’s Power Rangers RPM, actually making his debut as Heath Braxton on Home & Away.


  • Andrew Constant, who has produced a large body of work for DC Comics, as well for Australia’s two largest comic book publishers Frew Publications and Gestalt Comics
  • Jan Scherpenhuizen, with works for small press to giants like Marvel Comics, and most recently Australian trade paperback the SuperAustralians
  • Nicola Scott, who started pursuing a comics career in 2001 and by 2006 was the first Australian to become a staple of the U.S. mainstream
  • Louie Joyce, an award-winning comics creator and illustrator based in Wollongong
  • Ryan K Lindsay, who has previously partnered with other artists to produce a number of titles, including Eternal through Black Mask Studios and Headspace through Monkeybrain Comics/IDW
  • And W Chew ‘Chewie Chan’, who has an epic CV, including drawing insane numbers of penguins for Happy Feet and drawing the Big Blue on Superman Returns

Oz Comic-Con Homegrown hopes to add more guests, as well as a number of cosplay names, to its lineup.

What can I expect from Oz Comic-Con Homegrown?

  • Q&A panels with the Oz Comic-Con film & television and comic & author guests in person (and virtually). International borders again, ugh.
  • Panels held by you guys – basically a space to tell or teach like-minded people about a topic you’re passionate about. This stage will cater to many different topics such as cosplay, drawing, crafts, photography and editing.
  • The Anime & Trivia Stage, where your inner (or outer) Otaku and your pop culture trivia knowledge come together in a giant (metaphorical) pot of fandoms.
  • Artist Alley, which is a space to celebrate art in pop culture and will give you the opportunity to interact with the creative geniuses behind your favourite comic books, graphic novels, literature and artistic projects.
  • Cosplay Central, because obviously my attendance at Oz Comic-Con Homegrown would be basically pointless otherwise.
  • As well as a place to browse Oz Comic-Con Homegrown’s Manga library and stop and play something. (BYO or use theirs, we don’t mind).

OK, what about gaming?

Oz Comic-Con Homegrown has this year joined forces with the Australian Esports League (AEL). Together, they’re going to focus a lot on the importance of building ‘grassroots’ esports, with the goal of delivering a gaming experience like no other to the broader gaming community.

The gaming zone will showcase the latest games and products, with an opportunity for attendees to battle it out against their mates and other attendees.

But, if tabletop gaming is more your speed… there’s going to be a tonne of that, too.

As always, stay tuned to Gizmodo Australia as we’ll update you when we know more. But for now, you can start to get keen. I know I’m pretty pumped to leave my apartment and hang out with you all next month at the Sydney Showground. Now, what should I wear?