Now, Even Older Macs Can Have a Notch

Now, Even Older Macs Can Have a Notch
Screenshot: Chris Jones, Other

Notchless MacBook users may have a reason to rejoice thanks to a new app designed by developer Chris Jones. Called “Notch Pro” the app simply adds a black notch below the top centre of a user’s screen to emulate the new MacBook Pro’s most controversial design decision.

Jones’ notch is arguably even better (or at least flashier) than Apple’s thanks to a slider that lets users modify the black box from about the size of the front camera on the small side to a comically long stream covering about 3/4ths of the top screen.

Apple introduced the now notorious camera notch to its new line of MacBook Pros earlier this year. The design move takes a page out of the iPhone’s playbook and is intended to increase the overall amount of bezel-less screen that’s available to users.

Not everyone loves it, though. Users took to social media to lament the notch’s distinctive design while others have noticed bugs that can break the user interface. Other’s still have taken issue with one key omission from the notch: Face ID.

Disgruntled MacBook owners can work around the notch by entering full-screen mode, during that time. As mentioned before, other third-party developers like MakeTheWeb have also created their own app that turns the entire menu bar black, essentially mimicking the design from older MacBooks for owners who are particularly allergic to change.