New Morbius Featurette Homes in on His Vampiric Transformation

New Morbius Featurette Homes in on His Vampiric Transformation
Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) using his bat-enhanced vision and hearing. (Screenshot: Sony/Marvel)

In the months since Morbius’ first trailer dropped, it hasn’t gotten any easier to believe that Sony and Marvel really made an entire movie about a C-list Spider-Man foe that doesn’t seem like it will actually pit the characters against one another. Morbius is coming, though, and the studios are going to do their damndest to convince audiences that the Living Vampire is the next big thing.

Though Jared Leto, the movie’s star, is somewhat reserved and uncharacteristically chill in a just-released featurette explaining a bit more about who his character Morbius is, some of new footage from the movie showcased in the video looks surprisingly promising. In addition to shots of Morbius’ body in points along his transformation after he begins experimenting on himself, the featurette also gives you a better look at some of the scientist’s burgeoning powers like his echolocation and smoky teleportation.

Morbius’ newfound strength, Leto explains, is just one facet of his identity that people will see as he begins to become something more than human. Before we see him in his full vampiric form, we’ll see him at his most gaunt and frail, and the tone of the featurette definitely makes it seem as if Morbius is going to be more interested in actually conveying how existentially terrifying that transformation is.

As was the case with Venom, Morbius could definitely be a surprise hit that defies expectations — and if that’s the case, it’ll only bolster the likelihood of Sony continuing to build out a cinematic universe around its Spider-Man IP that Marvel proper doesn’t own the exclusive rights to. It’s just as possible, though, that Sony might need to convince folks just a bit more that Morbius is worth seeing when it hits theatres on January 20, 2022.