Japanese Indie Game Gets Themed Rooms At Kyoto Hotel

Japanese Indie Game Gets Themed Rooms At Kyoto Hotel
The penguin is smoking, but I think this is a non-smoking room. (Image: Hotel Anteroom Kyoto/Hako Life)

In the past, Kotaku has introduced themed rooms at Japanese hotels. Typically, these rooms are for established franchises like Kingdom Hearts. But now, one Kyoto hotel is offering a room plastered in Japanese indie game Unreal Life.

The award-winning Unreal Life was released on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Here is the game’s description:

After losing her memories, the girl could only remember one name — ”Miss Sakura”.

She set out to find Miss Sakura, aided by a talking traffic light, and by the power to read the memories of the things she touched.

“Unreal Life” is the story of her journey.

Compare memories of the past with the present, solve mysteries, and follow the girl and the traffic light in this atmospheric puzzle adventure game.

Follow the memories, follow the path, and what you will find is…

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto teamed up with Unreal Life developer Hako Life to create two themed rooms. But this isn’t just a collab in which imagery is all over the wall. Oh no, there’s more. Hako Life designed Unreal Life themed amenities, such as a laundry bag and a toothbrush, and even made a mini game just for guests.

A video game for guests. (Image: Hotel Anteroom Kyoto/Hako Life)

That’s pretty cool, no?

The hotel will even cook meals found in the game for guests. It’s the total Unreal Life experience, I guess.

This does look yummy. (Image: Hotel Anteroom Kyoto/Hako Life)

If you are familiar with Kyoto, the hotel itself is just a short walk from Kujo Station and has an art gallery and several design-themed concept rooms. It seems like a neat hotel.

This room seems very blue. But I think it's the lighting. (Image: Hotel Anteroom Kyoto/Hako Life)

Currently, Japan has a ban on tourists entering the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but once that is lifted, hopefully international indie game fans can stay in the rooms.

There are even controllers on the table so people can play. (Image: Hotel Anteroom Kyoto/Hako Life)

The Unreal Life rooms will be available until January 31, 2022, so hopefully that tourist ban will be lifted sooner — rather than later.