Sir, Your IKEA Hotdog Looks a Little Off

Sir, Your IKEA Hotdog Looks a Little Off
Image: IKEA

Despite selling all things furniture, IKEA has become well known for its bistro options. In Australia we have veggie hotdogs, which if we’re talking gimmicks, isn’t at all ridiculous, especially when we see what its latest Singaporean treat is.

The masters of flat pack this month decided to launch charcoal hotdogs in Singapore. Yep. Hotdogs coloured black.

The $SG2 (around $2 for us, too) hotdog is filled with cheese and wrapped in a charcoal bun. Keen food connoisseurs have taken to TikTok to share their thoughts, and honestly the charcoal hotdog looks terrifying. Utterly terrifying. (Watch those clips at your own peril, you have been warned).

Thankfully, Mothership has provided a review so we can cringe from afar.

According to their report, it tastes like a regular hotdog, it’s just bigger.

“Despite how it looks, the hotdog retained the classic refined taste of processed hotdog meat. The bun served as a hotdog holder more than anything else,” Mothership wrote.

“Because it is really quite awkward just walking around holding a hotdog in one hand and eating it in public while trying not to make eye contact with anyone.”

This isn’t the first charcoal hotdog IKEA has launched, it actually unleashed the terribly named ‘Ninja Dog’ hotdog in Japan back in 2016.

Released to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in Japan, IKEA called it the ‘ninja dog’ because it was the same as its regular hotdog, just super dark.

There’s no word on whether IKEA plans on bringing its charcoal hotdog to Australia, but we’re OK with that. It absolutely looks like nothing I would want to eat.