The Pixel 6 Might Be Cheaper Than We Thought

The Pixel 6 Might Be Cheaper Than We Thought
Image: Google

Back in August, Google shared some details about the Pixel 6, but so far has kept pretty quiet about its price tag. New rumours suggest the Pixel 6 might not be quite as expensive as some have feared.

The Pixel 6 is getting a fresh new design, a Google-built processor, improved camera capabilities, and more. During an interview with Gizmodo, Google hardware and services chief Rick Osterloh made it clear that the Pixel 6 was Google’s return to the flagship smartphone space. And in another interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel, Osterloh also described the Pixel 6 as a “mainstream premium product” — and noted that it will be “expensive.”

Osterloh didn’t provide a specific price range, so there’s some wiggle room when it comes to what people might consider expensive. The prices of recent flagship phones from Samsung, Apple, and others have dropped slightly over the past few years, with recent iPhones and Galaxy phones starting at around $1,000.

But if a tweet from noted leaker @heyitsyogesh is correct, the standard Pixel 6 might not be quite as expensive as some were expecting. Yogesh claims a source told him that the base Pixel 6 will start at $US749 ($1,043), a figure that seems in line with some other leaks claiming the Pixel 6 could cost as low as 649 euros (around $1,043) overseas.

If true, that would be less than the base iPhone 13 and would potentially position the Pixel 6 between the bottom of what’s generally considered to be flagship pricing and the top of the mid-range segment. It won’t be cheap by any means, but nowhere near as expensive as the $1,499 Galaxy Z Flip 3 or the $2,499 Z Fold 3.

But it looks like there will be a significant premium for people considering the Pixel 6 Pro. Yogesh claims the Pro model will start at $US1,049 ($1,461). That would represent a much bigger jump up in price from the standard Pixel to its Pro or XL sibling compared to previous Pixel phones, and about the same as Apple’s $1,699 iPhone 13 Pro. The Pixel 6 Pro is expected to include a bonus telephoto camera, a bigger battery, better 5G connectivity, and other extra features like UWB support, so it seems Google is really trying to make sure the Pixel 6 Pro lives up to its “Pro” moniker.

While Google has yet to reveal an official launch date for the Pixel 6, a number of leaks and rumours suggest Google is planning to host a hardware showcase sometime in October — October 19 looks like the most accurate date we’ve seen so far. With these latest pricing rumours, it seems Google is looking to be incredibly competitive with Apple and Samsung, which would be welcome news for anyone upgrading their handset this spring.