Honda’s e:N Concept Cars Tease Its Fully Electric Future

Honda’s e:N Concept Cars Tease Its Fully Electric Future

You might not have heard, but electrification is big in the car world at the moment. And one company that doesn’t want to miss this trend is Honda, which has announced ambitious plans for its future in the plug-in vehicle market.

The Civic-maker has announced a new electric vehicle platform with three new concept cars and unveiled two electric SUVs that will go on sale in China next year. The new vehicles are part of Honda’s target to sell only electrically-charged and plug-in hybrid vehicles in China by 2030.

To kick off this ambition, the brand announced the e:N electric vehicle platform, which builds on the E branding it unveiled with the adorable Honda E that’s currently on sale in Europe.

The first cars to wear the e:N branding will be the e:NS1and e:NP1, which will go on sale in China in 2022.

The Honda e:NS1 will go on sale in China next year (Photo: Honda)

Honda said it plans to introduce 10 e:N models over the next five years and also “envisions exporting these models from China.”

To give a glimpse of what its future e:N vehicles could look like, Honda threw the covers off three electrically-charged concept cars, the e:N Coupe, e:N SUV, and e:N GT.

The concepts are straight out the ‘futuristic electric car’ playbook, with angular blue headlights, a gaping face where the grille would have been, and a complete lack of curves.

They look great, which is a relief as Honda says it hopes to begin sales of the new e:N cars in China by 2025.

To support this ambitious timeframe, Honda will create dedicated e:N sales areas at its dealerships in China. Production capacity at the firm’s GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda plants will also be strengthened with new EV production facilities.

Honda added that it is eyeing global exports of the new e:N Series models that it develops and produces in China.