Hertz Australia Will Let You Hire A Tesla Model 3

Hertz Australia Will Let You Hire A Tesla Model 3
Image: Tesla

Off the back of news earlier this week that Hertz, the global car hire company, was buying 100,000 cars from Tesla, the Australian arm has told us we’re getting a couple hundred ourselves.

Hertz Australia will add 350 Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles to its new hybrid fleet. Initially the Tesla Model 3 will only be available in Adelaide and Canberra. Boo.

Hertz is trying to expand its green offering, which currently has close to 2,000 hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Australia.

The global Tesla deal set Hertz back a cool $US4.2 billion – around $5.6 billion. It was reported as the single-largest purchase ever for electric vehicles for Tesla Inc. And came merely four months after Hertz was considered bankrupt.

The Australian arm said it was all part of its plan to make EV rentals fast, seamless and more accessible. It’s trying to accelerates its commitment to “lead the future of mobility and travel”.

Tesla’s Supercharger network in Australia consists of 44 charging sites. There’s also an additional network of Destination Chargers at business, travel and leisure destinations around the country, Hertz added.

By introducing the Tesla vehicle, 20 per cent of Hertz’s rental fleet in Australia and New Zealand is now hybrid.

A rental is probably the ideal situation to try an all-electric car, if you haven’t already. Especially a Tesla.

I just tried to reserve a Tesla Model 3 from Hertz at Adelaide airport for two days in December. In the 25+ age group, it was charging me $118 per day, with the total for two days coming in at $533.78 – this includes a location fee (????) of $94. Not included is insurance, that is to be sorted at pick up. We’re very curious, though, to see what kind of premium Hertz will charge to rent a Tesla – we’re sure it won’t be cheap.