Doom Patrol’s Coming Back for Another Warped and Wacky Season

Doom Patrol’s Coming Back for Another Warped and Wacky Season
Image: HBO Max

Doom Patrol is one of DC’s weirdest shows, and also just a lot of fun. Its cast of misfits trying to make a go at being superheroes has plenty of charm to go along with its trippy nature, clearly enough to make the jump to HBO Max. During yesterday’s lengthy DC Fandome, a trailer dropped for the remaining episodes of the current third season that offers up some idea of the weirdness to come. And spoiler: it’s a lot of weirdness, even for these people.

There’s only a handful of episodes left as the Doom Patrol try to save the world from the Brotherhood of Evil and the Sisterhood of Dada. They’ve been through a lot this year, including the death of the Chief (Timothy Dalton). The good news is they’ve got a new ally in the form of Michelle Gomez’s Madame Rouge. But that’s really the only good news for them, since dying and coming back to life has seen some of them confront their lives in new and potentially dangerous ways. After all, being turned into puppets and puking up worms is generally not a good thing.

After the midseason trailer, members of the cast happily announced the show would come back for a fourth season. That isn’t entirely surprising, since it and various shows like Titans, and Harley Quinn were so successful when they first began on DC Universe that HBO Max quickly scooped them up. And it’s clear that WB wants more DC shows on its platform, since they’re bringing over that show about Batman’s butler next year with another season. Bring on more Doom Patrol and all the arse monsters and sentient streets it has to offer.

All episodes of Doom Patrol are on Binge.