ANZ ‘Issue’ Leaves Customers Unable To Make Payments

ANZ ‘Issue’ Leaves Customers Unable To Make Payments
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Customers of ANZ bank were having a pretty tough time Thursday afternoon, reporting problems with the bank’s app and internet banking not too long after lunchtime. But ANZ says the issue is PayID related and that it’s onto it.

According to the blue bank, those trying to send cash via PayID on either internet banking or through the ANZ app were having troubles.


At around 2:20 pm AEDT, ANZ tweeted confirmation that it was aware of an issue plaguing PayID and OSKO payments – both inbound and outbound.

PayID is a unique, user-specific number registered with the customer’s bank and linked to a nominated bank account. A PayID can be a phone number, email address or an Australian Business Number and using PayID can see money change hands instantly.

Banks and other financial institutions leverage OSKO for payments made over Australia’s not-so-new New Payments Platform.

While ANZ says it’s onto the issue, it hasn’t updated its customers in a few hours.

In response to a few tweets, however, ANZ is saying something along the lines of “we are doing our best to resolve this issue, our tech team are working on it as the highest priority”.

Earlier this year, transferring money in Australia was a nightmare. Several major financial institutions, including Commonwealth Bank and ANZ, were all simultaneously dealing with service problems. Thankfully this situation (we believe) is nowhere near as widespread as that.

I just had a friend send another friend $1 (lucky them, right?) and it left their end, but didn’t reach the recipient. We’ll update you when it does (meaning we’ll update you when the outage is resolved).