A24’s Deeply Unsettling Lamb Will Stream for One Night Only

A24’s Deeply Unsettling Lamb Will Stream for One Night Only
One of the many wooly critters featured in A24's Lamb. (Screenshot: A24)

Lamb, A24‘s new horror-thriller from director Valdimar Jóhannsson, has already hit theatres in cities across the United States. But actually getting into a screening depends on whether you’re in a city where the movie is showing, and how comfortable you are going to theatres during the covid-19 pandemic. If those are hurdles for you, you’re in luck.

While studios as a whole are rolling back their pandemic-era readiness to release new projects via digital platforms more quickly, Lamb’s full-on home release is still in the future. But, following a release strategy it used previously with The Green Knight, A24 plans to make Lamb available to stream for a limited time via its virtual screening room. Today, the studio announced that ticket holders will be able to check Lamb out from the comfort of their homes for a short window on October 26. Ticket holders will have the ability to play the movie on their Apple TV or Roku devices after 9 p.m. EDT, and viewers will also have access to special pre and after shows hosted by an Icelandic herding couple, per A24’s website.

While Lamb coming home for Halloween is sure to delight some, the event may remind others of how they felt somewhat burned by A24’s move to release The Green Knight to own just days after that movie’s limited-time digital screening was hyped up. If The Green Knight was any indication, folks who haven’t absolutely been clamoring to see the feature about a shepherd who seems to have had sex with a sheep might hold off, as A24 might be close to dropping it. But Lamb enthusiasts, it won’t be long until you can finally see the movie for yourselves.

Lamb is now playing in theatres.

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