Twitter Is Working On A Way To Let You Show Off Your NFTs

Twitter Is Working On A Way To Let You Show Off Your NFTs
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We seem to be in the middle (or the start) of an NFT craze. But however you want to put it, Twitter wants to capitalise on it.

In a tweet, Justin Taylor, Head of Consumer Product Marketing for Twitter, shared what the platform is working on in the NFT space.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are used to verify unique items. The blockchain-created certificate of authenticity is used for a digital asset such as art. ‘Non-fungible’ means unique – basically, the whole thing is digital proof of ownership.

Taylor’s tweet shows that you could soon add your NFTs to your profile. Because we all have a bunch of them that we want to show off, right?

How it would work would be to edit your profile, click on your avatar and select NFT. From there, you would connect to your wallet. You would then be able to download all of your NFT info and select one, then that NFT would be your avatar, with proof of ownership provided by a little Ethereum icon.

A collectible tab (that would be placed behind ‘tweets & replies’ but before ‘media’) will also display the NFT collection you have, if this test gets pushed live.

The move is hardly surprising considering @jack has long been a supporter of bitcoin, so much so that his bio on the platform simply reads #bitcoin.

Heck, back in July, Dorsey went so far as to claim that bitcoin — a cryptocurrency with some pretty questionable environmental impacts — could be the key to world peace.

He also tweeted that bitcoin would unite the United States.


Twitter confirmed earlier this month you could ‘tip’ your favourite ‘creators’ with crypto and let’s not forget the fact that Dorsey’s first ever tweet is actually minted as an NFT.

So the dude who paid $US2.9 million (just over $4 million) for ‘just setting up my twttr’ might be able to show everyone he owns it, if Twitter pushes out its new feature that literally no one asked for.