LG Continues Push Into The Earbud Space With New TONE Free FP Range

LG Continues Push Into The Earbud Space With New TONE Free FP Range
Image: LG

LG is still relatively new to the earbuds market, a market that’s seen the success of, and domination by, so many other players already. But that’s not stopping LG from releasing a new range: the LG TONE Free FP series, boasting three new models.

On Wednesday, LG unveiled in Australia the LG TONE Free FP series, featuring models FP9A, FP8A and FP5A.

LG launched its first range of earbuds last year, the FM series. It says this generation of the series is a “great evolution” of the previous range and that development has seen LG “push itself further” in the audio innovation space.

“We tried to listen to what consumers find important,” LG Electronics Australia home entertainment spokesperson Samantha Mikhael told media.

With its latest earbuds, LG is keeping its ‘three-tier’ approach, stepping up in quality (and price) with each model. (The FP5A is the lower end, followed by the FP8A then the FP9A sitting at the top).

LG TONE FP earbuds
Image: LG

Mikhael said ‘comfort and fit’ has been the focus for developing the new earbuds.

Active noise-cancellation is now across all three models, instead of just the one. Also featured again this time, but now across the entire range, is the UVnano feature. UVnano integrates a UVC-LED light into the charging case that’s touted as killing 99.9 per cent of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria after just five minutes of UVC exposure in the cradle.

For additional hygiene, the new models also feature medical-grade ear gels.

The new earbuds come thanks to its partnership with Meridian.

LG has scrapped its ‘canal’ design, swapping it for a more subtle earbud that fits a little better (and doesn’t seem to stand out as much). All three models look very similar, but they differ a little.

LG TONE Free FP5A has: an 8mm speaker driver and long battery life.

LG TONE Free FP8A has that, plus: wireless charging and extra battery life.

LG earbuds TONE Free FP
Image: LG

And the LG TONE Free FP9A adds ‘Plug & Play’ to the above. As well as up to 10 hours of playback time between charges. (When used with the charging cradle, this totals 24 hours of usage). With ‘quick charge’, you can get one-hour of play from five minutes of charge time.

Plug & Play is a feature which allows the earbuds to wirelessly connect to other devices with an AUX connection, which enables the charging cradle to double as a Bluetooth dongle.

LG is marketing this as ideal for those who frequently fly (remember that?) and use exercise equipment. You can plug the cradle into a smartphone, gaming console, treadmill or other compatible devices via USB-C to AUX cable.

LG is playing in a space dominated by the likes of Apple, Google, Sony, Beats and the list continues. But the company is confident in its new range to compete aggressively.

“Everyone who has a phone should typically be starting to purchase earbuds at some point, if not already. It’s becoming quite a product that’s integrated into everyone’s life,” Mikhael added.

The LG TONE Free FP9A, FP8A and FP5A wireless earbuds will be available in Australia in charcoal black at major retailers and online via LG.com/au from October 2021. Stay tuned for pricing.