Leaked Tim Cook Memo Reportedly Asks Apple Staff Not To Leak Memos

Leaked Tim Cook Memo Reportedly Asks Apple Staff Not To Leak Memos
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Apple is known for running a pretty tight ship when it comes to keeping product info inside its Cupertino walls. And in a leaked memo, CEO Tim Cook has reminded Apple staff that leaking to the press will not be tolerated.

Apple last week hosted its virtual California Streaming event. Headlining the event was four new iPhones — iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max — and both a new iPad and iPad mini. Members of the press usually receive the information when the public does, which leads to a ton of speculation pre-release. This speculation is often wrong, so when the media is given something solid from the horse’s mouth, i.e. a leak from Apple, you best believe it’s getting reported.

In the memo, leaked to The Verge, The Apple CEO says details of upcoming announcements were leaked to the press.

“I’m writing today because I’ve heard from so many of you were incredibly frustrated to see the contents of the meeting leak to reporters,” he says in the memo posted by The Verge.

“This comes after a product launch in which most of the details of our announcements were also leaked to the press.”

Cook continues the memo by telling staff he shares their frustration.

“These opportunities to connect as a team are really important. But they only work if we can trust that the content will stay within Apple,” he reportedly wrote.

“I want to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to identify those who leaked.

“As you know, we do not tolerate disclosures of confidential information, whether it’s product IP or the details of a confidential meeting. We know that the leakers constitute a small number of people. We also know that people who leak confidential information do not belong here.”