Ford Created A Rainbow ‘Very Gay’ Ranger Raptor In Response To An Online Troll

Ford Created A Rainbow ‘Very Gay’ Ranger Raptor In Response To An Online Troll

The internet is a magical place where you can drool about your dream cars and learn new skills. It’s also a soundboard for all sorts of opinions. One internet commenter called Ford Germany’s Ranger Raptor colour ‘very gay’ and the company responded in the best way. The Very Gay Raptor is a Ranger Raptor sporting Pride colours and a sparkly gold wrap.

Ford’s European arm recently launched the Ranger Raptor Special Edition in a promo showing the pickup ripping right into an old-school western movie plot.

It’s an ad that made many internet commenters wish for the truck to be offered here in the States. But one commenter took issue with the truck’s Performance Blue colour, calling it ‘very gay’ and telling Ford to paint the truck yellow and black.

Ford used this opportunity and Christopher Street Day in Cologne, Germany, to make a statement with a Ranger Raptor:

Christopher Street Day is an LGBTQIA+ event that takes place in Germany and across Europe. It’s a celebration for LGBTQIA+ people and a demonstration against discrimination. Like its American equivalent, companies like dressing up stuff in rainbow flags as a show of support. Ford has been supporting the event since 1998.

It didn’t stop with an animation on Twitter. A Ranger Raptor got wrapped in a black and gold dust sparkle film from a company called Alphafoil and finished off with a prominent Pride flag.

Photo: Ford

Ford’s release says that the wrap took about 60 hours and 30 square meters of film to create. I love the added touch of the transgender flag colours.

This is actually the branch’s second Pride build and the first is arguably even cooler. In 1998, the marque built this sweet micro-pickup out of a Ka city car. Here’s a closer look at the thing:

Photo: KAgamemnon / Wikimedia Commons, Other

This little Ka is definitely one of the cutest pickups in the world.

The truck rolled around the city for a few days before being a a part of the Pride parade on the August 29. Both cars really make me wish for more colour options in today’s cars. Having a rainbow option straight from the factory would rock!