How To Watch Every Major Upcoming DC TV Show In Australia

How To Watch Every Major Upcoming DC TV Show In Australia
Image: DC / Warner Bros. / HBO Max
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DC TV shows are set to expand massively over the next few years, thanks to a huge content lineup planned for both the “Arrowverse” and HBO Max. With new seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol this year and ongoing shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Stargirl and Superman & Lois continuing to impress, the train shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

While some shows are connected and others aren’t, they’re all worth checking out for different reasons. Doom Patrol is strange and surprisingly sweet, Stargirl is the wholesome superhero binge you need in your life, and Lucifer is one of the most self-indulgent, fun shows on TV right now.

If you’re looking to check out everything DC TV has to offer in Australia, you may find yourself running into a bit of trouble, though. While HBO Max has pretty much all the content in the U.S., our local DC TV lineup is spread across multiple streaming services.

Here’s how to watch every major DC TV show in Australia.

DC TV on Binge

dc tv shows australia
Image: DC / Warner Bros.

Binge is currently the streaming home for the majority of DC’s TV shows.

Stargirl, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and Superman & Lois all stream on the platform on a weekly basis when they’re in season, with new episodes typically landing around 5 p.m. AEST locally.

So if you want to watch DC TV shows in Australia, Binge should be your first port of call.

In addition to this, seasons of Batman spin-off Pennyworth are also on the platform, and it has a library filled with classic cartoons like Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, DC Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans Go!. 

Binge will also have the upcoming season three of Doom Patrol in Australia, starting from September 23.

DC TV on Stan

the flash watch in australia
Image: DC / Warner Bros.

Stan doesn’t have a lot of DC TV content, but it does have the exclusive streaming rights to The Flash in Australia.

Unlike Binge, episodes of The Flash don’t drop weekly (you’ll have to head to cable channel FOX8 for that) but whole seasons are usually dropped once they finish airing in the U.S.

Outside of The Flash, Stan also has a handful of classic live action and animated DC movies like Constantine, Watchmen, and classic Batman films.

DC TV on Netflix

lucifer dc tv show
Image: Netflix

Lucifer is the only major ongoing DC TV show airing on Netflix right now, but it’s so much fun that it’s worth signing up for anyway.

While the early seasons of the show aren’t connected to the Arrowverse, a Lucifer appearance in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover confirmed the show does take place in the DC TV multiverse.

In addition to Lucifer, you can also find episodes of DC Super Hero Girls, Young Justice, Arrow and Titans on the platform.

It’s important to note Netflix doesn’t have Titans season three yet, but it will arrive on the service at a later date.

DC TV on Amazon Prime Video

harley quinn dc tv
Image: Amazon Prime Video

Harley Quinn is one of DC’s sole animated TV shows right now, and while it’s not connected to the current “DCEU” or “Arrowverse” continuities, it’s still an absolute blast.

If you like more adult humour with your cartoons, or you just want to see a wackier side of the DC universe, you can find Harley Quinn streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Australia.

Where future HBO / DC TV shows will air in Australia

peacemaker tv show
Image: DC / WB / HBO Max

While there’s a bunch of DC TV shows currently in the works at HBO and Warner Bros., the next big hits look set to be The Suicide Squad spin-off Peacemaker and the Ava DuVernay-led Naomi, which follows a young girl’s journey into the DC multiverse.

We’re set to hear more about both shows during this year’s DC FanDome event, and it’s likely plans for both shows will be clearer then — but it’s fair to assume they’ll eventually join the content lineup at Binge.

DC TV is fairly spread out across Australia’s streaming services, but the vast majority of HBO and DC content has already found a home on Binge. You can stay tuned for more on this front, but it’s a pretty safe bet to assume Binge will be very hands-on with the new generation of DC TV.

So, there you have it. If you really want to catch up you’ll need to sign up to multiple services in Australia — but if you want to be pickier, Binge should be your go-to.