Repairing Your iPhone’s Back Glass Is Now Way Cheaper

Repairing Your iPhone’s Back Glass Is Now Way Cheaper
Photo: Apple

If the thought of splashing out on a new iPhone knowing full well you’ll crack the screen within a couple of months has you cringing, you’re in luck because Apple has just announced a major update to its AppleCare+ programme that will significantly lower the cost of repairs to the iPhone 12 and 13.

As stated in an update to the iPhone Repair and Service page of the Apple website, the cost of repairing the back pane of glass on your iPhone will now only set you back $45, instead of the usual repair fee of $149, which is quite a saving.

Comparatively, a screen repair without AppleCare+ will cost you between $359 and $519, depending on which model you own. So basically, if you’re prone to breaking your screen, you should probably splurge on AppleCare+.

Unfortunately, you can’t retroactively purchase AppleCare+, so you must purchase when you initially buy your device or you’re shit out of luck if you break your screen down the track.

This is actually just an update to the policy, which used to only cover the front pane of glass under its “screen-only” repair option.

Thankfully, Apple has finally realised that the back piece of glass also deserves to be included at this price point, which will no doubt be a godsend next time you drop your phone on a night out.

As per the AppleCare+ terms and conditions, you can only have your device repaired by Apple or an Authorised Apple Service Provider to make the most of this bargain (and also to ensure you don’t accidentally void your warranty in the process). It likely goes without saying, but you absolutely shouldn’t try to do this at home.

You can purchase AppleCare+ from $169 (iPhone 13 Mini) via the Apple website, or wherever you purchase your iPhone.

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