Everything We Know About the TV Adaptation of Y: The Last Man

Everything We Know About the TV Adaptation of Y: The Last Man
Image: FX/Hulu
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If you’re a comic book reader you’ve probably come across the name Brian K. Vaughan. Plenty of Vaughan’s creations have made their way to Hollywood but it’s Y: The Last Man that fans have really been waiting for.

After years of development hell, Y: The Last Man is finally coming to life in the form of a television adaptation from FX.

Here’s why it’s worth adding to your watch list.

Is Y: The Last Man really about the last man?

The premise for Y: The Last Man is pretty simple. One day, for some unknown reason, every living mammal with a Y chromosome dies simultaneously.

Yep, no more men (a feminists dream, right?). Except one survives.

This one remaining man is Yorick Brown. He roams this new post-apocalyptic world with his pet monkey Ampersand at his side and attempts to help society rebuild.

Obviously, there are a few snares with this premise such as what about transgender people? The comics didn’t deal with this scenario but it is expected the TV show will be more inclusive and explore the diversity of gender and how it is impacted in this world.

As mentioned, Y: The Last Man is based on the DC comics series from Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra which ran from 2002 through to 2008. The series ended up spanning over 60 comics, so there’s plenty of content to entertain us for multiple TV seasons.

So, what would happen in a world without men? Well, it looks pretty grim in the trailer for Y: The Last Man, which you can watch below.

Who is the last man?

y the last man
Image: Macall Polay/FX

So who gets the coveted title of the ‘last man’ in Y: The Last Man?

That honour goes to Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft) who will star as Yorick. Earlier in development, Barry Keoghan (Eternals) was tapped for the role but eventually departed.

The rest of the show is filled out by a strong cast of women including Diane Lane, Olivia Thirlby, Ashley Romans, Amber Tamblyn, Marin Ireland and Diana Bang.

Elliot Fletcher will also appear as Sam Jordan, a trans man and new character to the Y: The Last Man universe.

Eliza Clark (Animal Kingdom, Extant) became the showrunner following Michael Green and Aida Mashaka Croal’s exit.

Where will it stream in Australia?

Y: The Last Man is due to drop on September 13 on FX/Hulu in the U.S. with a three-episode premiere.

An Australian streaming home is yet to be announced but Y is headed to Star on Disney+ in other markets from September 22.

Update: Binge will be the place to stream Y: The Last Man in Australia. The first three episodes will debut on September 14 with new episodes weekly after that.