Basically All of Samsung’s Upcoming Devices Just Revealed in New Leaks

Basically All of Samsung’s Upcoming Devices Just Revealed in New Leaks
Image: Samsung

We have a little more than a week until Samsung Unpacked, but that hasn’t stopped leakers from sharing images showing what the Korean tech giant has planned for the event. New pictures have surfaced that offer an even clearer look at the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Buds 2, and the Galaxy Watch 4 ahead of launch.

Leaker Snoopytech posted a series of leaked images showing the Z Fold 3 in a variety of colours along with a detailed shot where you can barely make out the phone’s under-display selfie cam. Samsung has been working to develop front-facing cameras that can be installed beneath a phone’s displays in order to remove potential distractions and hide the camera’s presence when not in use. However, Samsung has yet to use this tech on actual retail devices, and up until recently, it was unclear if an under-display camera would make it on the Z Fold 3 or not.

The Z Fold 3 features a similar overall design compared to previous models, but there are a few notable updates, including a sleeker and less bulky rear camera module and smaller bezels surrounding its display. And while the leaks don’t mention a ton in the way of specs, the Z Fold 3 is rumoured to feature a main 7.55-inch folding display, so it should be about the same size as previous Galaxy Folds as well.

According to German tech site, we now have what look to be official press renders for both the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Image: Samsung via, OtherImage: Samsung via, Other

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to be the sleeker and more compact phone in Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone lineup. As seen here, the Z Flip 3 maintains the same general design as its predecessor, but with a slightly larger exterior cover screen. Unlike its bigger sibling, the Z Flip 3 isn’t expected to come with native stylus support, though Samsung’s improved foldable screen tech should still deliver some manner of enhanced durability.

However, one of the big questions these leaked pics don’t answer is whether Samsung’s new foldables will still feature a crease where the phone’s screen bends in half, or if Samsung has been successful in making creases a thing of the past. The Z Flip 3 is seemingly positioned as Samsung’s more lifestyle-oriented foldable phone, and these leaked pics suggest that the phone will be available in a wide range of colours including black, light purple, dark green, and gold. The Z Flip 3 is rumoured to start at $1,360, which complicates things a bit: Choosing between a phone with a standard glass display and something with a more sophisticated foldable screen may be tougher now that they cost the same.

The Galaxy Buds 2 is the likely replacement for the original Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+, and as shown here the buds have a simple, streamlined design that will be available in a handful of colours (black, white, and green). The big upgrade for Samsung’s new mainstream wireless earbuds will be support for some kind of active noise cancellation. Previously, if you wanted Samsung earbuds with ANC, you had to opt for the more expensive Galaxy Buds Pro or go with the Galaxy Buds Live, though the Buds Live’s ANC isn’t quite as powerful as some of its competitors due to its unique open acoustic design.

Image: Samsung via, OtherImage: Samsung via, Other

The Galaxy Buds 2 come inside a wireless charging case and also feature IPX2 water-resistance (which is good enough to protect against things like sweat and small splashes). European pricing is reportedly set at 149 euros, so it’s quite likely we’ll get similar pricing here — right around $200.

Finally, 91mobiles posted some leaked photos of the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, including part of the device’s setup process. Technically, that potentially makes these leaked images some of the first real-life glimpses into Samsung’s new One UI Watch. Unfortunately, because the leaked setup images only go as far as showing the intro and time set menus, it’s hard to get a real idea of how One UI Watch will look like and function for real.

The Galaxy 4 Watch Classic’s design appears to still feature two discrete buttons on the right side of the watch, and what looks to be a tactile rotating bezel that can be used to navigate menus and apps.

At this point, practically every gadget Samsung is expected to announce next week has been revealed in some form. And while we’re still waiting to learn more regarding each device’s official specs and price, between two new foldable phones, a brand new OS for its next smartwatch, and a new pair of wireless earbuds, Samsung’s upcoming product launch event looks like it will have a little bit of something for everyone. Stay tuned for more news and official info as we get closer to Unpacked on August 12.