$449 For A Solid 1440p, 165Hz Monitor Is A Crazy Good Deal

$449 For A Solid 1440p, 165Hz Monitor Is A Crazy Good Deal
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A lot of people are upgrading their PC monitors to the new “sweet spot”: monitors with a decently high refresh rate and a max resolution of 2560 x 1440. Usually, a screen like that would cost you a pretty penny — but you can snag one up today for a bargain.

There’s an astonishingly good offer on the Lenovo Legion Y27q-20 monitor right now at Amazon. It’s at least $100 better than what Lenovo themselves are charging, and $150 cheaper than the nearest Aussie retailer.

The Y27q-20 — the 27-inch IPS refresh of an older Lenovo gaming screen — usually retails for around $600. And at that price it’s not a terribly bad shout: you’re getting a good 1440p/165Hz IPS screen with tilt and swivel adjustments, 1ms maximum response time, decent colour calibration, 10 bit support through DisplayPort and a reasonable 350 nits of maximum brightness. No HDR on this model, but with brightness that low you shouldn’t be bothering with HDR anyway.

1440p monitor
The chassis design is nice and underImage: Lenovo

So all of that is not a bad combo. But at $449 it’s an absolute steal. There’s other monitors that are close in price, although you’d have to break the $500 mark (this MSI model, for instance, is a good alternative). $449 is also a great price if you want a 1ms IPS screen, as opposed to the older generation VA monitors that are typically sold in the $350 to $500 price range. (And many of the high quality IPS screens will set you back over $700.)

For more info on the Lenovo Legion Y27q-20, head here. RTINGS also has an excellent review that’s worth checking out if you want a deeper technical breakdown.