TikTok Is Losing It Over Satire About Personal Training Sessions At Coles

TikTok Is Losing It Over Satire About Personal Training Sessions At Coles

According to one TikTok, a Sydney personal trainer has gotten around lockdown restrictions by running sessions at Coles. Minus the whole extreme health hazard thing, it’s kinda funny. But it’s also not true.

Over the past few weeks gyms have been closed due to the latest outbreak of COVID-19 in Sydney. While outdoor classes were originally permitted, they have now been restricted.

The most recent lockdown orders state that you can now only exercise with one other person who is not from your household.

Satire news websites, Double Bay Today, took this opportunity to write a post about a trainer finding a loophole to run sessions at Bondi Junction Coles.

The idea was that supermarkets are an essential service and don’t have limits on public gathering numbers.

“I had three clients this afternoon not including myself,” the site reads

“Covid is tough for everyone, but we all need to find ways to make it work. Adapt or die.”

“It’s difficult working out near the confectionary aisle at times, but we’re trying to stay disciplined.”

The article probably would have faded into obscurity, but it was picked up on TikTok.


Adapt or Die as they say ???? #lockdownlife2021 #sydneylockdown2021 #lockdownsydney #bondijunction

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Fortunately the creator realised it was a joke, saying “Pretty sure this is ‘fake news’ but how funny if it were true.”

It was also followed by a ton of comments pointing out that it was satire. But not everyone seemed to realise this.

“You could hold online/virtual classes like every other personal trainer,” one comment read.

“Coles really needs to balls up of they really wanted them out. Lands act private property they don’t need a reason to kick out,” said another.

But yeah, if you come across it on your FYP, it’s definitely fake. Please don’t start doing Bulgarian split squats in the produce aisle.