The Largest Yacht In The World Will Launch In 2024

The Largest Yacht In The World Will Launch In 2024

Say you’re millionaire (or billionaire) and you want a place at sea. You don’t want to live on a cruise liner because they’re for commoners, and you don’t want your own yacht. Now there’s option between those two! As CNN reports, 2024 will see the launch of the world’s largest “residential yacht.”

The boat, called Sonmio (It means “to dream” in Latin) is being designed by Swedish yacht designers Winch Design and Tillberg Design. Construction is being done by VARD, a Norweigan shipbuilder for $US600 ($770) million.

The Largest Yacht In The World Will Launch In 2024

It’ll be like a mini cruise ship. A total of 39 apartments spread across six decks will house residents with luxurious amenities like restaurants and bars.

From CNN:

However, the purchasing process is “by invitation or referral only,” with apartment prices starting at over $US11 ($14) million. A spokesperson for the project confirms to CNN Travel that some have already been snapped up.

While the identity of the owners will be kept secret, those who make the cut will benefit from full concierge services “for both onboard and land-based needs,” not to mention the privilege of having the biggest yacht in the globe as their address.

Customisation is key with something like this. Each apartment will be able to be customised to its owner’s preferences with things like gyms and libraries. There will even be a 10,000 bottle wine cellar and tasting room in the bow of the ship. With the ultra-rich thinking of more luxurious ways to live or leave the planet, we common folk have to ask ourselves: what way to get away from us will they think of next?