Refubished iPhones: How To Save A Small Fortune On Your Next Handset

Refubished iPhones: How To Save A Small Fortune On Your Next Handset
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Are you in the market for a new iPhone but don’t quite have the money to fork out on a brand new one? A refurbished iPhone could be an option for you.

However, there are a few things you should know before buying a refurbished iPhone.

A Refurbished iPhone Is Better Than A Used iPhone

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’ aren’t the same thing. We’re not talking about buying a second-hand iPhone off Facebook Marketplace from some guy named Craig who probably has a fish or a car as his profile picture. Buying a used iPhone comes with its own set of risks that we won’t be going into here.

For the purpose of this story, we’re only talking about a professionally refurbished iPhone from either Apple itself, or an authorised dealer.

What Do You Get With A Refurbished iPhone?

All refurbished iPhones come fitted with a new battery and outer shell, as well as a one-year warranty, so you’re eligible for a refund or replacement if your device has any manufacturer faults within the first year.

According to Apple, all devices are “like new” when they’re purchased via the Certified Refurbished program.

Refurbished devices are extensively tested and cleaned by Apple, and are fitted with genuine Apple replacement parts if necessary.

Additionally, all devices come with free delivery and returns, and are shipped out to you in a brand new box with all accessories and cables as if you purchased it new from the store.

How Much Can You Save?

If purchased through the Apple website, you can save up to 15% by choosing to purchase a refurbished device, rather than a brand new model. However, prices and savings vary by device.

How Do You Know Your Refurbished iPhone Isn’t Stolen?

If you’re buying through Apple’s own refurbished programme, you should be safe, but it still pays to check.

The easiest way to make sure your iPhone isn’t stolen — whether you’re buying refurbished or buying off Craigslist — is to check the IMEI number.

The IMEI is the unique identifier for your specific device. No two devices will ever have the same IMEI number.

You can search the IMEI on to see if it has been reported as lost or stolen.

If the device has been reported as lost or stolen, your SIM will not work and you will now be the owner of a very expensive paperweight.

And there you go. Refurbished over new may be your best option.