Optus Has Knocked $350 off the iPhone 12

Optus Has Knocked $350 off the iPhone 12
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If you’re the kind of person who prefers to wait for the best possible offer before snapping up new or recent phone models, Optus has recently announced some impressive discounts for the iPhone 11 and 12.

You can save $350.64 off the cost of an iPhone 12, and $300.24 off the iPhone 11 when combined with one of Optus’ mobile plans.

That’s a considerable discount for two quality handsets. For some, the discounted iPhone 12 might be more attractive because it’s the latest model, but if you’re currently looking to upgrade your older smartphone to something a bit more recent, either of these iPhones would be a solid option.

The real question is exactly how much you want to save off the full price?

The quick maths

Being able to save $350 off the price of an iPhone 12 sounds good, but what is the value of those savings when compared with the recommended retail price of the phone?

For reference, the RRP for the iPhone 12, depending on storage size, is:

  • 64GB: $1,349 RRP
  • 128GB: $1,429 RRP
  • 256GB: $1,599 RRP

As for the iPhone 11, it retails for:

  • 64GB: $999 RRP
  • 128GB: $1,079 RRP

With the $350.64 discount and depending now which handset you pick, you’d save roughly 22% to 26% off the price of the iPhone 12.

As for the iPhone 11, you’d be saving roughly 28% to 30% off the handset’s full price.

These offers are available for both 24-month and 36-month mobile plans and are spread out across the life of your plan. It’s also the same discount size, regardless of length. That means, for the iPhone 12, you’ll be saving $14.61 per month on a 24-month plan, and $9.74 per month on the 36-month plan.

Trade-in your old phone for an extra discount

If you want to stretch your savings even further, Optus is also offering $300 credit when you trade in your old iPhone, provided it’s in good working order.

The eligible handsets include the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020 128GB, iPhone XR, iPhone XS & Max or iPhone 11, Pro or Pro Max. You can take advantage of this trade-in offer at any point during your plan.

We’ve included the 24 and 36-month plans for both the iPhone 11 (64GB) and iPhone 12 (64GB). If you’re after a handset with more storage, you can adjust the capacity size when you click through the respective widget links.

While the 36-month Optus mobile plans offer lower monthly prices when compared to the 24-month plans, three years is a long time to be locked into a phone contract.

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Optus’ iPhone 11 (64GB) plans (24-month)

Optus’ iPhone 11 (64GB) plans (36-month)

Optus’ iPhone 12 (64GB) plans (24-month)

Optus’ iPhone 12 (64GB) plans (36-month)