Lego’s New Star Wars Republic Gunship Is Here, and Larger Than Your Torso

Lego’s New Star Wars Republic Gunship Is Here, and Larger Than Your Torso
Who's the nerd confident enough in their builds to get ripped exclusively through repping one of these? (Image: Lego)
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Lego’s Star Wars sets just keep getting bigger and bigger, and its latest “Ultimate Collector Series” build is no exception. At least this time, Lego and Lucasfilm fans are getting what they asked for, rather literally, with the winner of a fan poll last year finally being revealed today.

The 3,292 piece set is based on a poll run on Lego’s “Ideas” community website last year, with the Gunship triumphing over the TIE Bomber and the Nebulon B Escort Frigate for the honour being the next big, plastic drain on your wallet. Retailing for $580, the UCS Republic Gunship (no it’s not called the LAAT/i Gunship, but why would you get mad over a Star Wars Lego set having a different name?) clocks in at around 13 inches high, 27 inches long, and a whopping 29 inches wide thanks to the gunship’s wingspan, meaning you’re going to need some serious shelf space to display the craft.

Aside from being just a massive thing in and of itself, the gunship features opening bay doors and cockpit enclosures, moveable blaster turrets at the front and aft of the ship, and mechanics for the two bayside “bubble” beam cannons to move backward and forward like they do in Attack of the Clones, cutting merry green swathes through the droid forces on Geonosis.

It also comes with a display base for when you’ve figured out just where the hell you’re putting it, and two included minifigures (who are very much not in scale with the ship), Mace Windu and a Clone Trooper Commander. While it’s not surprising they didn’t include more Clones, as this isn’t really a Lego model where you’re displaying the minifigures actually in the kit, given its size, it feels weird not to have a Clone pilot to go with one of the Republic’s most iconic Clone Wars ships.

The UCS Republic Gunship is set to release on August 1.