The Best iPhone Tripods To Kick Start Your TikTok Career

The Best iPhone Tripods To Kick Start Your TikTok Career
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Thanks to TikTok, an iPhone tripod feels like a necessity. But with so many options to choose from, how the heck are you supposed to know which one to buy?

Depending on your particular needs, you may need a tripod that varies in height, flexibility or bluetooth compatibility. But thankfully, there are approximately a million different options to choose from.

Best iPhone Tripod For Flexibility

Need a small, flexible tripod that you can throw in your bag to shoot content on the go? A Joby GripTight tripod could be the option for you.

This lightweight and flexible tripod can easily bend around other surfaces like poles to offer a wider range of camera angles. But unfortunately, the legs are short, which means you’ll have to place the tripod on a table or a very tall stack of books to take portraits.

JOBY GripTight – $38

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Best Full Length iPhone Tripod

If you’re shooting mostly full body content, or need to shoot your head and torso but don’t have a spare table or shelf to place your phone on, you might want to invest in a full length tripod like this Eocean one.

Measuring in at 142cm tall, this tripod is perfect for family photos and other photography needs and essentially mimics everything you’d expect from a camera tripod. Additionally, it comes with a bluetooth remote for easy controls.

Eocean Selfie Stick Tripod 142cm – $35.48

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Best Universal Tripod For Phones

Do you live in a house full of wannabe TikTok stars who all have different phones? Might I suggest a universal tripod like this Manfrotto one?

Sure, it’s small and looks like a teeny, tiny helicopter, but it fits any smartphone and has a protective layer to avoid scratching your device.

Manfrotto Pixi Universal Smartphone Clamp – $54.06


Best Non-Tripod For iPhones

Tripods are all well and good, but perhaps you’d actually be better suited to a monopod like the ShoulderPod. The ShoulderPod offers three modes: tripod, filmmaker handle and a traveller stand for a multi-purpose product.

This is the perfect option for travelling or for the avid filmmaker who may need more than one product.

ShoulderPod Handle Grip For Smartphone – $48.95

Now go on, live your best life and make a bunch of funny TikToks. You know you want to.