These Gadgets Will Help Stop Your Work Desk from Becoming a Blackhole for Excitement

These Gadgets Will Help Stop Your Work Desk from Becoming a Blackhole for Excitement
Image: iStock/ediaphotos
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Work desks can be a pretty boring place. Given that we spend so much of our time sitting at one, be it at the office or while working from home, it’s high time that you start having more fun with them.

There are plenty of ways that you can get creative with your workspace. While some office spaces may be a bit more strict on the kind of flair you can or can’t add to your desk, there are a few changes you can make that, while small, can say a lot about yourself.

From wireless charging docks to novelty mousepads and draping yourself in a burrito blanket, there’s no shortage of fun gadgets and items that can improve your desk for the better.

If you work from home, you have free rein to get as wild and as wacky as you like. If you’re back in the office, you might have to tone it down a little but that shouldn’t stop you from firmly establishing yourself as the most fun person in the office. Here, we’ve rounded up a bunch of products ranging from novelty to insanely useful.

Pick up a few of these desk gadgets and accessories and turn your home office desk from snooze-ville to a full-blown adults playground. We’ve never been more excited to start the workday.

Magnetic Cat Paper Clip Dispenser, $39.98

Your office desk will always have zero paper clips or too many paper clips. There’s no midpoint between the two. If you’re currently swimming in paper clips, this handy dispenser is a cute way to keep all of them in one place. Just pull the lid off the jar and the cat’s magnetic tail will hand you a few clips.

Coffee Warmer, $39.99

We all treasure our morning coffee, so it’s a real shame when we get pulled into meetings and return to find it cold. A coffee warmer is a clever device that’ll keep your coffee at a lovely, warm drinking temperature. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Smartdevil Desk Humidifier, $13.49 (down from $14.99)

Humidifiers are great for people with allergies or respiratory issues – or for people who enjoy breathing clean air. Pop this on your desk and enjoy breathing in that sweet, moisture-filled air. Your skin will thank you for it.

Burrito Blanket, $21.99

We all know offices have a habit of cranking up the air conditioning, then the heating, then the air conditioning again. Instead of lugging a jumper into work everyday, it pays to have a blanket draped over your chair when the room its subzero temperatures. You need to have a little fun with it though, and these blankets are just the thing.

4L Mini Fridge in Blue, $99.32

Don’t let your dehydration interrupt a good workflow. This mini fridge will keep your drinks nice and chilled all day long – and that sneaky beer on a Friday afternoon.

Cat Claw-Shaped Wrist Cushion, $10.99

Our wrists can get sore with 24/7 clicking so investing in an ergonomic wrist pad could be a saving grace. These two are extra soft and will bring a playful element to your home office.

3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Station, $38.87

This one sells itself really – a nifty place to charge all of your electronic devices at once while charging them wirelessly (because we all know they have a habit of dying at the same time).

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner $25.93

Got a build-up of biscuit crumbs on your desk while working from home? Don’t we all. One sweep with this bad boys and it’ll be sparkling clean again. It’s one of the handiest desk gadgets you could possibly own. Did we also mention that it’s a cow?

Cute Cat Post-It-Note Dispenser, $15.46

You could keep your post-it notes in a boring drawer in your office desk or you could display them in this cute cat holder. The choice is yours.

Headphone Stand Hanger, $13.99

Having a handy place to store your headphones is a total game-changer – especially when you can stick it underneath your desk out of plain sight!