Amazon Studios’ Wheel of Time SDCC 2021 Panel Debuts a New Poster, Release Month

Amazon Studios’ Wheel of Time SDCC 2021 Panel Debuts a New Poster, Release Month
A section of the new poster for Amazon Studios' Wheel of Time. (Image: Amazon Studios)

Move over Mother of Dragons, we’ve entered the age of the Dragon Reborn. As part of San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, Amazon Studios has released a new poster for The Wheel of Time, which stars Rosamund Pike as a powerful wizard training the person who could bring about the salvation, or the destruction, of their world.

I suppose this is all we get for now.  (Image: Amazon Studios)I suppose this is all we get for now. (Image: Amazon Studios)

During the panel, showrunner Rafe Judkins teased what fans can expect from The Wheel of Time, which is set to debut in November. He shared how he’s been a fan of Wheel of Time since he was a kid. He read the series with his mother, and said it helped him and his mother relate to one another—especially after he came out as gay, noting “we could connect over this book, and the women who were inside of it who had to be themselves in this world that was very different.” According to Judkins, another person who really understands this story is Pike, who was the first actor cast on the show and also serves as a producer. Judkins shared a memory of talking with Pike about the part of Moiraine, and knowing instantly that it couldn’t be anyone else.

“The first time I got on the phone with Rosamund, I could just tell from the way that she spoke about the character of Moiraine that when she read that first script, that it just hit her that she understood this woman. And when I talked to her, I knew that she was the only option for this character, because she understood Moiraine kind of in her bones, in a really fundamental way. That’s the foundation of this whole show, and this whole show working, is that you believe the characters that are there. And Rosamund is the best foundation that this show could ever hope for.”

Judkins noted that he sees The Wheel of Time as “connective tissue between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones,” but that the story and world stand on their own. As far as how long we can expect the series to be, Judkins did note that he outlined “what eight seasons of the show might look like” before he wrote the pilot episode. That doesn’t mean we’re going to get eight seasons of The Wheel of Time, but it’s good to know that we won’t be running into a Game of Thrones content wall. There’s no trailer yet, unfortunately, but Amazon Studios and showrunner did unveil a poster that reveals the series will debut in November. Here’s a look at the poster.

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