YouTube Trials Time Stamp Emails, Telling Creators Exactly When Videos Broke The Rules

YouTube Trials Time Stamp Emails, Telling Creators Exactly When Videos Broke The Rules

YouTube has begun testing the inclusion of time stamps in policy violation emails sent to creators.

Anyone who has seen their content pulled from YouTube or been slapped with a suspensions will understand the frustration of these emails. They can often be vague, leaving the creator wondering what part of their video was a policy violation.

Including time stamps in policy violation emails will hopefully make what happened a little clearer

YouTube has said that it wants people to have an easier time of understanding policy decisions.

“The timestamp will be linked and included alongside specific details about the Community Guideline and links to related help resources, YouTube said in a Community Post.

“To start, we’re testing this with a subset of YouTube policies (so you may not see it yet) and have plans to expand to more policies in the future pending feedback and results. Many of you have specifically asked for timestamps from our Support teams, so we’re looking forward to your thoughts!”

Another option that creators will now have is to appeal a policy violation. This is another YouTube Test that was rolled out earlier this month and should be useful for those that don’t agree that a rule was broken.

We’re experimenting with video appeals to help you give us additional information on your channel and content if you think we made a mistake in suspending or rejecting your channel from YPP,” YouTube said.

“Our policy team will review your video and take a second look at your channel with the shared context in mind. If your appeal shows how your channel complies with our policies, we’ll either approve your channel for YPP, or turn monetization back on before the end of the 30 day suspension window.”

Experiments aren’t generally available to all YouTubers, so don’t stress if you don’t have access to these changes yet.